Who is Uğur Batı, where is he from, how old is he? Ugur West Books

Who is Ugur Bati, How old is Ugur Bati
Who is Uğur Batı, Where is he from, How old is Uğur Batı Books

Born on 1.1.1975 in Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı is the author of 19 best-selling books. At the same time, he is a regular columnist in publications such as Harvard Business Review Turkey, Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey, BrandMap, Graphic Design and Milliyet, each of which is more than 5 years old.

After her undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University, she completed her 3 master's degrees at Marmara University and Yeditepe University, and her doctorate at Marmara University. Uğur Batı, who completed his thesis in Marmara University, Department of Communication Sciences, worked on persuasive communication issues through semiotics, rhetoric and linguistics. He completed his master's degree in Business Administration in English at Yeditepe University with a double major. He earned his degree in organizational behavior, marketing management while earning his general MBA, studied the culture of decision making, motivation and togetherness within group dynamics.

He received his PhD in communication sciences from Marmara University, Department of Communication Sciences. He conducted studies on behavioral science, semiotics and ethnography on topics such as group behavior, loyalty, group hierarchy, and association dynamics in brand communities. She completed the 1,5-year pedagogical formation program opened by Istanbul University. Later, he took courses such as learning and leadership at Harvard University in the USA, completed the Harvard University “Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature” program and earned the university's degree in storytelling and writing.

Uğur Batı worked as a research assistant, lecturer, assistant professor and associate professor at Yeditepe University for a total of 2 years in 8 separate terms as an academician. He obtained his professorship at Okan University in 2017. He also gave lectures through exchange programs and Erasmus programs.

Batı's books, which have 19 books in total, are taught as textbooks in over 60 universities. His books have been published by Turkey's leading publishing houses such as Alfa, Everest Publishing, Media Cat, Doğan Kitap, Support Publishing and Kara Karga.

Some of his books are: The Language of Advertising, Brand Management, Personality Analysis with Enneagram, Take Care, Digital Games, Consumer Behavior, Brand Design and Communication Practices (Anadolu University Open Education Single Authored Textbook), Markethink or Farkethink, Ben Don't Know, My Brain Bilir , Synapse, Making Perfect Decisions.

Her books in fiction are as follows: Her novel Azraa-eel Legends, The Dark Side of Love, Dark New Year's Stories and Anatolian Horror Stories III.

Batı, who has around a hundred scientific articles in national and international journals, also has many SSCI, AH&CI and field indexed articles. As is common in academia, Prof.Dr., who works interdisciplinary in consumer decision science, persuasion processes, behavioral sciences and neuromarketing. Uğur Batı is among the leading academics who conduct laboratory studies on these subjects in Turkey. He wrote the world's first neuropolitics book. West's book, which studied 25 million lines of EEG data, GSR data and FACS data on voting behavior, was the subject of international newspapers such as the New York Times and The Times. This book is currently being prepared for publication by an international publishing house. Batı, who is the vice chairman of the board of the Interdisciplinary Brain Research Association, also served as the organizer and chairman of the 3rd Neuroscience congress.

In his career in advertising, which he started while he was a student, he has become an award-winning advertiser who develops strategies by writing advertisements for many national and international brands in his professional career. He served as the Vice President of the Advertising Creators Association for many years. Brand expertise in companies such as Telsim, Rumeli Telekom, creative director in Gode Istanbul, and finally, he managed the transition from Istanbul Stock Exchange to Borsa Istanbul on the brand and corporate communication side and worked as brand and corporate communication manager in the institution for 4 years. . In the process, Batı also served as a consultant to Shell, Telsim, Dalgakıran Compressor, Lauren and many other national and international brands. He carried out different European Union Projects in his career, and also worked as a manager in World Bank projects.

He worked as the idea and practice leader of the Borsa İstanbul brand, starting from its name, and worked on international partnerships, different markets, and international brand management. Batı, who made Borsa İstanbul the leader in advertising equivalents and representation in the media for 3 years in a row, also took part in the establishment of units such as the Sustainability Index, Corporate Governance Index and Private Market.

He participated in many international university talks and conferences as an educator and keynote speaker. He prepared and wrote, narrated, and creatively directed the 20-part documentary “Uğur Batı ile Limits of Mind” published in Haberglobal. Prof. dr. Over the years, Batı took part as a participant in the programs of CNN Türk, Star TV, Habertürk TV, Bloomberg TV, NTV, TV 8, Haberglobal, Kanal D and many different channels.

Uğur Batı, who has works in the field of art and has solo exhibitions with Kenan Işık as a painter, also served as the exhibition curator of the painter Devrim Erbil and wrote fictional books about the artist called “Navigation” and “The Blue That You Are Loving”. Working with another important painter, Yalçın Gökçebağ, Batı's works were also exhibited in group exhibitions.

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