How to Make Weight Loss Easy

How Easy is the Desire to Lose Weight
How to Make Weight Loss Easy

Overweight individuals may emulate thin individuals, and this is perfectly normal, there is no rule that an overweight individual will emulate a thin individual, and they may want to lose weight in order to be healthy. Weakening The formation of the desire may also be due to some criticisms that the individual receives from his/her environment. They should be kind to overweight individuals. If overweight individuals, who are deeply insecure because of their weight, are also harshly ridiculed and criticized, they begin to apply diets that will put them in a very difficult position. They lose their health for the sake of losing weight. When an individual who has weight problems looks in the mirror, they realize themselves and they want to fix it, they want to change something and get better. It is very important for their mental health to get psychological support in this process.

Is Weight Loss a Disease?

Wanting to lose weight despite being weak is a kind of psychological discomfort. It is more common in young women. In order to comply with the beauty patterns formed in the society, they apply a lot of strict diets, it is a disease that should definitely be treated. In addition to anorexia and bulimia, binge eating or excessive food intake are among the serious psychological disorders where physical symptoms are at the forefront.

Weakening Disease (Anorexia Nervosa)

It is a disease especially seen in young women. Not being able to eat, sleep, and being too energetic are symptoms of anorexia nervosa. This disease is a psychological disorder.


  •  rapid weight loss
  •  Inability to accept extreme thinness
  •  be weighed often
  •  Panicking at the slightest increase in body weight and starting diets
  •  Severe criticism of one's own image
  •  Trying to induce vomiting after eating

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