Emirates Group Invites Technologists to Dubai for Careers

Emirates Group Invites Technologists to Dubai for Careers
Emirates Group Invites Technologists to Dubai for Careers

Over the next few months in Turkey, the Emirates Group will employ more than 800 IT professionals for various roles in software engineering, DevOps, hybrid cloud, Agile delivery, technical product management, digital workplace, cybersecurity, IT architecture, innovation and service management. will hire a specialist. The Group will start the recruitment process with a special information session to be held in Istanbul on November 22.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement: “Dubai is one of the top 10 cities in the world where technologists aspire to work in the development of applications of the future. As a global airline, we strive for continuous product innovation and efficiency in our operations, investing in tomorrow to benefit from technological development and develop the skills of our employees. We are eager to work in our company with talents that will be part of our IT staff. We have a number of exciting and challenging technology and innovation projects in preparation. Some of these will shape our daily process and activity. We know that all of this forms the basis of the career that tech professionals dream of.”


The group's IT team generally works on cutting-edge projects in B40C, B2B, support units and operations for more than 2 brands and businesses in Dubai and around the world.

The team designs, installs and effectively manages software and systems that make real contributions to helping manage operations, increase revenues, simplify costs, maximize business and employee productivity, and build internal loyalty. Recent projects carried out by the IT team include the launch of Emirates Premium Economy Class service, optimizing catering activities using artificial intelligence models, incorporating biometric technology for check-in into the processes, and introducing self-service baggage delivery, and dnata's cargo and resource management services. their work on systems.

“Tools and technologies”

Cloud services, microservices, API management, event broadcasting, robotics, DevOps, biometrics including facial recognition, web-based and native mobile application development and modern programming languages ​​such as ReactJS, full stack Java, .NET and Python Advanced tools and technologies available to the IT team and some of the patterns.

“Training and development”

The training consists of in-depth courses in a set of tools, technologies, technical topics and agile delivery that enable skills development and cross-skills. E-learning is also offered and women are supported in technology. These are knowledge sharing sessions, technology sohbetare supported by hackathons, coding festivals, and bootcamps.

Tech workers also become part of an active and strong coder community, an IT engagement hub, a technology academy, a cybersecurity and even a data science application forum.

“Emirates Group”

The Emirates Group has an admirable reputation for prioritizing innovation in its products and services. The group is solidifying its presence in Metaverse and other Web 3.0 technologies by investing in industry-leading start-ups Intelak and Aviation X-Lab, as well as software and hardware development for critical operational areas, and robotics technology.

Emirates offers competitive salary and benefits, plus dividend entitlement, excellent health and life insurance, privileged cargo for immediate family, annual leave and ticketing, and travel to all 130 destinations in the Emirates network for dependents, close relatives and friends. offers highly discounted flight tickets. The Emirates Platinum card offers employees a range of benefits and discounts at thousands of stores and retail outlets and accommodation facilities in the UAE and worldwide, including clubs, clinics, education.

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