5,9 Magnitude Earthquake in Düzce! It was also felt from Istanbul and Ankara

Earthquake of Duzce Size Was Felt Also in Istanbul and Ankara
5,9 Magnitude Earthquake in Düzce! It was also felt from Istanbul and Ankara

📩 23/11/2022 10:22

The 04.08 magnitude earthquake that occurred at 5.9:63 in Düzce caused great panic. The shaking was felt in Düzce, as well as in İstanbul, Bolu, Sakarya, Ankara, Kocaeli, Kütahya, Bilecik, Bursa and İzmir. Panicked XNUMX-year-old woman died after a heart attack.

An earthquake occurred in many cities, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) announced that an earthquake of 04.08 magnitude occurred at 5,9:XNUMX, the epicenter of which was the Gölyaka district of Düzce. The earthquake caused panic in many provinces, especially in Düzce.


After the 5,9-magnitude earthquake in Düzce, another 04.30-magnitude earthquake was recorded at 4,7, the epicenter of which was the Çilimli district of Düzce. The earthquake in Çilimli district occurred at a depth of 8 kilometers. In the statement made by AFAD, “18 aftershocks occurred after the earthquake in Gölyaka, Düzce. Power cuts are being implemented in the region for control purposes.

Orhan Tatar, General Manager of AFAD Earthquake and Risk Reduction, said, “After the earthquake, aftershocks of 4,5 and 5 magnitudes can be expected. If there are heavily damaged or cracked buildings, citizens should stay away from them," he warned. Stating that there was a 12-1999 kilometer line that did not break in the 5 November 6 earthquake, Tatar said, “It stood as a seismic gap and this region could have created a new earthquake. With today's earthquake, this line was broken,” he said.


After the earthquake in Düzce and the surrounding provinces, citizens took to the streets with the tremor. Some citizens in Düzce were injured as a result of jumping from a height. Cracks appeared in some buildings.

It has been learned that 63-year-old Sevim Çengel, who lives in Düzce Çay Mahallesi, fell into panic and fear after the earthquake and died as a result of a heart attack.

Bolu Governor Erkan Kılıç stated that 5,9 people were injured in the city after the 20 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the Gölyaka district of Düzce.

Bolu Governor Erkan Kılıç, who conveyed his wishes to the citizens gathered on İzzet Baysal Street after the earthquake, said that the earthquake in Düzce was felt in Bolu as well.

Explaining that the citizens reacted involuntarily in these events due to the earthquakes experienced before, Kılıç said, “Some of our citizens went out. Thankfully there were no casualties. One person was injured as a result of jumping from the 3rd floor. He is being treated at the Training and Research Hospital. His life is not in danger. Apart from that, 20 of our citizens were injured with a little panic.” he said.

Kılıç stated that there are small cracks in some buildings and said, “More plaster falls. That kind of information came. It's not very serious. Scanning continues.” said.

Emphasizing that there is no loss of life information that has reached the Governorship, AFAD and 5.9 Emergency Service teams after the 112 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the city, Atay stated that the teams continue to scan the field.


Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü said that there was no information about injury or loss of life that reached them regarding the 04.08 magnitude earthquake that occurred at 5.9 in Gölyaka district.

Özlü made a statement regarding the latest situation in the city after the earthquake. Stating that the earthquake was felt very severely, Özlü said:

I was asleep, we felt so severe. The closet doors of the whole house were opened, some glassware was broken. Thankfully, we have not received any reports of injury or death so far. As a city that experienced the earthquake 30 years ago, we are actually people who are used to earthquakes, but the new generation in the last period is not used to it. Most of the people are outside, on the street right now.

Sakarya Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim also emphasized that they had not received clear information about the earthquake so far, and said, "Right after the earthquake, our teams went to the field and started their work." gave the information.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made a statement on the 04.08 magnitude earthquake that occurred at 5,9 in Düzce in the live broadcast of some televisions.

Stating that there was no loss of life in their meetings with all regional governors and in the notifications to the 112 Emergency Call Center, Soylu said, “The first information was that there was a serious injury as a result of a high jump due to panic. He is receiving treatment in Düzce. There are minor injuries due to falling objects. There are some injuries caused by panic, but other than that, there is no loss of life.” said.

Stating that the scans in the villages, especially in the villages in the Gölyaka district, have been completed, Soylu said, "Except for a few barn ruins, there are no reports of heavy damage and building collapse that have come so far. But these scans continue, and as long as the scans continue, our information will continue.” made the statement.

Stating that after the 5,9 magnitude earthquake in Gölyaka, there were aftershocks and power outages, Soylu said, “Most of these were done in a controlled manner and then electricity continued to be supplied gradually.” used the phrase.

Minister Soylu shared the following information on the latest situation in the region:

At the moment, teams continue to the scene, they are directed. Especially our AFAD units, Kızılay and all our units have been directed to the scene. Blanket delivery continues to our citizens who have gone out at the moment. In this respect, both our governors, our district governors, our relevant mayors and headmen are all at the scene and, thank God, there is no loss of life.

From the moment of this earthquake, both our security units and gendarmerie units continue all their controls in terms of security and public order. In this respect, our citizens have left their homes. They may be worried if there will be some security incidents, if there will be some theft incidents, but both our guards, police and gendarmerie have taken security measures in terms of security on the streets at the moment.

Interior Minister Soylu went to AFAD Presidency due to the earthquake, received information from the authorities at the coordination center, and then moved to Düzce, where the earthquake occurred, by helicopter to conduct inspections.


Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said in a statement on his social media account, "Getting well soon to our citizens who were affected by the Düzce Gölyaka-centered earthquake, which was also felt in our city. As of now, there are no negative reports received from 112 and AFAD centers in our city. May Allah protect our country and our nation from all kinds of disasters. used the phrase.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu On his social media account, he said, “There was no negative situation reported to AKOM in Istanbul during the earthquake, the epicenter of which was Düzce and felt throughout the region. We follow the developments in all provinces where the earthquake was effective. Again get well soon." made the statement.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said on his social media account, "We were all very scared, very worried. I hope we do not lose in any way, get well soon.


ITU faculty member Prof. Dr. Ziyadin Çakır stated that the earthquake in Düzce would not trigger an expected major Istanbul earthquake and said, “If it had triggered the Istanbul earthquake, it would have immediate effects after the earthquake. The earthquake location is far away," he said.

Çakır continued his statements about the earthquake as follows:

There was an unbroken piece at the Black Sea exit. Most likely this piece of share is broken. However, it is gratifying that no deaths have been reported so far. This region is an extremely bad place in terms of earthquakes. This is a deep fill area, a natural fill area, a flat area.

There is a high probability of destruction in Gölyaka and surrounding villages. There will be aftershocks, but I don't think there will be a bigger earthquake. I advise our citizens not to stay in damaged buildings. Aftershocks can cause buildings to collapse.

I think that there will be damage because there is ground increase in Düzce and the surrounding villages. I hope there are no casualties. We know both the building structures and the ground of the region. Nothing happens to the buildings on the rocky floors. Since the natural fill, namely gravel, and the riverbanks covered with sand, are filled in this way, a 6-magnitude earthquake feels like a 7 here. Therefore, it does more damage.

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