Carrara Marble Features and Decoration Products

carrara marble coffee table
Carrara Marble Features and Decoration Products

📩 15/11/2022 13:03

Carrara MarbleIt is one of the most important and functional types of marble mined in the Carrara region of Italy. This marble type, which has a very high segment; It is frequently used especially indoors. In addition to interior spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, marble tables and marble coffee table Carrara Marble, which is a type of white marble used in decoration products, such as Carrara Marble, is also frequently used in decorations in our country because it is both easy to clean and durable.

What Are the Properties of Carrara Marble?

Even though it is called white marble, Carrara Marble, which has gray and cream color veins, has a self-transitive structure. Thanks to its strong polish holding feature, it is especially  marble table This type of marble, which is more useful in areas such as

carrara marble

Marble Table

Marble table models are one of the most preferred home decoration products recently. Marble table models, which are preferred due to their stylish appearance and easy use, also become very stylish with details such as wood, glass and metal.

dinner table

Ertaş Granit, which provides services in marble furniture models and marble home decoration products; produces marble table models or marble patterned table models by designing them completely in accordance with your needs and desires. You can contact Ertaş Granit to get detailed information about marble prices as well as marble table models, which are the most elegant and useful form of marble usage areas. Thanks to its wide transportation network, Ertaş Granit can send all its products to the country and abroad and can realize special design projects for you.

marble coffee table

Marble Coffee Table

Marble coffee tables are the most important complementary product in home decoration. For this reason, it is necessary to choose this complementary product, which is the most important, carefully and meticulously. In order to create the elegance in your comfort areas, you can contact Ertaş Granit – Marble and provide you with the production of special decoration products and furniture models.

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