Businessperson Orhan Ünsal: 'Air Parks Should Be Increased Across the Country'

Business Human Orhan Unsal Air Parks Should Be Expanded Across the Country
Businessperson Orhan Ünsal 'Air Parks Should Be Increased Across the Country'

By Ankara Journalists and Writers Association and All Amateur and Sportive Aviators Association; Polatlı Orhan held a press conference at Ünsal Air Park. The reporters who attended the press conference from the National and Local press were informed by Orhan Ünsal, Chairman of the Association of All Amateur and Sportive Aviators.

Orhan Ünsal stated that they aim to build air parks all over the country for the development of aviation; “As it was yesterday, today, one of the most important names in Turkish aviation history; we need pilot, engineer and entrepreneur Vecihi Hürkuş and the leader of the aviation industry in Turkey, Nuri Demirağ. Our aim is to produce projects to lay the foundations of air parks and to pave the way for young people who set their hearts on aviation. Again, in the future, social events will be held in these air parks. We also demand that our aircraft weighing 2000 kg be exempted from MTV. We are making great efforts to serve in the field of aviation with our own means. It is also among our demands to support our flight schools operating in this field.”


Orhan Ünsal stated that they are trying to contribute to Turkey's projects in the field of aviation; “As the Association of All Amateur and Sportive Aviators, we are working hard to produce projects with our friends who are devoted to this business, on this path we have set out to contribute to aviation. These air parks will not only provide flight training to our youth in the field of aviation, but will also pave the way for them to produce projects. Our business people will have the opportunity to travel practically with their private planes. It is very important for the state to allocate treasury land to us through national real estate for the realization of these goals.

Business Human Orhan Unsal Air Parks Should Be Expanded Across the Country


Ünsal continued his words by saying that our airspace is a facility built entirely with our own means; “We should be able to open these air parks to the service of our people by reducing the cost of aviation a little, and our state should help us in this regard. If our government supports us on land, we, as businessmen, can open air parks all over Turkey. Currently, there is only one air park in Sivrihisar, but when we look at it on a provincial basis, there is only one air park in Polatlı. We try to use other airports, but there are great difficulties for us. Air parks should be opened more and more and more in our country," he said.


Orhan Ünsal, Chairman of the Association of All Amateur and Sportive Aviators; By saying that air parks will be needed more when automobiles and planes go into mass production; “Five years from now, there will be flying cars. After this project comes to life, there is a greater need for such air parks. With flying cars on our agenda, these will need to take off and land on the airpark. After these vehicles close their wings and become automobiles, they will do their job in the city. Then they will come to the air park again and travel to their destination by air. In this, air parks will be needed more. You can't do airplane take-offs and landings in big squares, that's why such air parks are a must,” he said.



Orhan Ünsal Saying that in order to open such air parks, it is necessary to get permission from 15 institutions; “We are applying to places such as the Presidency, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, municipalities, civil aviation. We cannot open this air park if someone is negative,” he concluded. Before and after the press conference, the reporters, especially Ömer Uzun, President of the Ankara Journalists and Writers Association, made a flight tour in the skies of Polatlı with sportive planes.

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