Bursa Furniture Industry Focused on Moroccan Market

Bursa Furniture Sector Focused on Moroccan Market
Bursa Furniture Industry Focused on Moroccan Market

The members of the Bursa Furniture Industry International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Project, which continues to work with the support of the Ministry of Commerce under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, focused on the Moroccan market for export. Bursa sector representatives came together with more than 2 Moroccan companies in the first B70B organization organized within the scope of the project and held more than 400 business meetings.

BTSO, the umbrella organization of the Bursa business world, continues to contribute to Turkey's export-oriented growth with its projects. Companies participating in the Furniture UR-GE Project led by BTSO turned their export route to Morocco. The members of the UR-GE project, who had previously examined the US market, preferred the Moroccan market for their first B2B organization. Sector representatives who came to the city of Casablanca, which is 4 thousand 500 kilometers away, to establish new business connections, successfully completed the B2B organization. More than 70 Moroccan companies participated in the program, and more than 400 job interviews were held. Thanks to the event, industry representatives took an important step towards new business connections in Morocco, which is shown as the gateway to Africa.

“There Are 170 Turkish Firms in Morocco”

In the program, in which Moroccan sector representatives showed great interest, Casablanca Commercial Counselor Burcu Özergül Çolak also came together with companies from Bursa. Speaking at the program, Çolak¸ said that 170 Turkish companies are operating in Morocco. Expressing that Turkey's trade with Morocco has increased in recent years, Çolak said, “The trade volume between the two countries is approximately 4 billion dollars. As the Trade Consultancy, we are telling about the support provided by our ministry to our companies. We are pleased to see our furniture industry representatives from Bursa in Morocco. I hope these talks turn into commercial collaborations in the future.” said.

“We Received Very Positive Feedback”

BTSO 12th Professional Committee Chairman Mustafa Keleş stated that they held bilateral business meetings in Casablanca, one of the most important trade centers of Morocco, within the scope of Furniture UR-GE, and said, “The event exceeded our expectations. It is pleasing that Moroccan companies showed great interest in the program. We know very well the importance of exports, employment and production for Turkey. We aim to be in every geography of the world for export.” he said.

“A Good Success Was Achieved In The First Event”

BUTTİM President and UR-GE Project Member Sadık Şengül stated that all companies participating in the program were very satisfied and said, “I had direct and clear meetings with 15 companies. They are expecting a return from me shortly. Really point shooting companies were brought. This organization is a first for us. Thank you to everyone involved.” said.

“We are not competitors, we are companions”

UR-GE Project Member Hasan Tolga Aksoy stated that they produce in the home furniture segment and continue their trade with 30 different countries, and said, “UR-GE member companies see each other as companions, not competitors. Everyone is trying to find out which other company we can introduce the customers they are interested in. We have a very friendly environment. As a company, we had exports to Morocco before, but it was not to the extent we wanted. It was an advantage for us to see the market in place and to hear customer demands.” he said.

“Morocco is an Attractive Sunday”

UR-GE Project Member Mustafa Güzelyazıcı stated that UR-GE members act with the principle of 'together is strength' and that they will continue to work to increase exports as a company. UR-GE Project Member Durmuş Kumru stated that he believed that the first B2B organization organized under the leadership of BTSO would contribute to exports and said, “The quality of Moroccan companies made us very happy. I believe that our companies will establish new business contacts here.” he said. UR-GE Project Member Ümit Çelek, on the other hand, stated that he had experience abroad for the second time after the USA with UR-GE and emphasized that Morocco is an attractive market for the furniture industry.

“The Quality of the Firms Is Very Good”

İbrahim El Abdouni from KİTEA company operating in Morocco stated that he has been trading with Turkish companies for many years and said, “We are pleased to work with Turkey. For example, we started to buy home and office furniture from Turkey this year. With this event, we met companies from Bursa in the field of furniture. The quality of the companies is quite good. We would like to work with 3-4 companies in the future.” said. Milim Company General Manager Moncef Mandri stated that they do business on office furniture and said, “It is very nice to be invited to this event. The program is very well prepared. All the participants have a strong production ability. There is no reason not to have new collaborations.” used the phrases.

Came from Sudan for a Job Interview

Ahmet Ateş, who has been producing furniture decorations in Morocco for 10 years, said, “We supply 100 percent of our products from Turkey. We work especially with Bursa companies. We were pleased to see companies from Bursa in Morocco.” said. Mehmet Ökmen, who came to Casablanca for a job interview from Sudan, said, “I have been living in Sudan for 7 years. I came from Sudan to listen to Bursa companies. I want to invest in a showroom in Morocco. At this point, I can work with companies from Bursa in the coming period.” he said.

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