Bladder Cancer Robotic Surgery Program Started in Aegean Region

Bladder Cancer Robotic Surgery Program Started in Aegean Region
Bladder Cancer Robotic Surgery Program Started in Aegean Region

Ömer Bülent Avcı (55), who lives in İzmir and was diagnosed with bladder cancer, regained his former health in a short time after the operation performed with robotic surgery at Private Health Hospital.

Ege University Faculty Member and Private Health Hospital Robotic Surgery Director Prof. Dr. Burak Turna, as a team, performed a complex operation such as robotic cystoprostatectomy (removal of the bladder and prostate) and expanded lymph node dissection (removal of regional lymph nodes) and robotic ileal loop surgery (removal of the urinary tract from the small intestine) with a surgical intervention of approximately 5 hours in the Aegean Region. He said that they started the robotic surgery program in bladder cancer.

Speaking about the process, Prof. Dr. Burak Turna said, “Blood and clots were detected in the urine of Ömer's brain. As a result of subsequent examinations, we found that he had bladder cancer that had entered the muscle tissue. Kiss. Dr. Emir Akincioglu, Op. Dr. Ömür Çerçi and Assoc. Dr. We performed a successful series of operations with the Robotic Surgery method in bladder cancer with a team including Turan Özdemir. In the surgery where the bladder and prostate were removed, we created a urinary tract for our patient with a piece obtained from the small intestine. Thanks to the techniques that require expertise, we successfully performed the Omer brain treatment. He was discharged and recovered in a week," he said.


Noting that robotic surgery provides many advantages to both physicians and patients, Prof. Dr. Burak Turna said, “Since this method causes less trauma to the body, both blood loss is less and the recovery period is shortened. The risk of infection in the patient is reduced. Since the intestines do not come into contact with air as in the open method, they remain in their natural environment during the surgery. For this reason, the intestines return to normal functioning in a much shorter time.”

Expressing that robotic surgery is a subtle treatment method that positively affects the success of the surgery, Prof. Dr. Turna added that they are working for public health with a team whose experience in this field is over a thousand cases.

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