Women's Health Training Provided in Beylikova

Women's Health Education Provided in Beylikova
Women's Health Training Provided in Beylikova

📩 28/11/2022 15:11

Trainings given in rural districts by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department and Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation (TAPV) in order to develop preventive health behaviors for women started in Beylikova.

The women's health seminars, which were started in 2013 and given to hundreds of women in groups, continue in districts outside the city center.

In the trainings that will last for seven weeks, it is aimed to raise awareness about protecting women and families by explaining topics such as cleanliness and nutrition, safe motherhood, let's get to know our body, women's health problems and reproductive health.

Women who are trained in the correct use of cleaning materials are also given advice on the use of natural and economical materials at home.

Expert trainers from the Social Services Department also suggested that the women participating in the trainings put the knowledge they learned into practice in their lives and explain it to the women who could not attend the seminar.

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