Attention to the Damages of Missing Teeth!

Attention to the Damages of Missing Teeth
Attention to the Damages of Missing Teeth!

Orthodontist Specialist Associate Professor Erol Akın gave important information about the subject. Although many people try to live with missing teeth, missing teeth cause many negativities. Especially the missing front teeth, which are an important part of the face area, can cause psychological and social problems as well as speech disorders. Tooth deficiency can also cause stomach problems and weight gain. also lays the groundwork.

There can be many reasons for tooth loss, such as congenital tooth deficiency, tooth decay, tooth extraction, gum recession, tooth loss after an accident.

In particular, the lack of 1 or 2 teeth may seem like a situation that is ignored by people and its treatment is postponed, but it can actually cause many negative situations. Over time, it can cause serious damage to oral and dental health.

In the absence of teeth, healthy chewing function cannot be realized. Due to unilateral chewing, the jaw joint is damaged. As a result, the jaw joint may be locked, noise may be heard from the jaw and pain may occur in the jaw. In addition, foods that cannot be chewed well and correctly cause stomach disorders (such as gastritis, indigestion, ulcers, bloating). .) can cause. If the lack of teeth is especially in the front, talking and laughing becomes a problem for people. It causes changes in the pronunciation of words. Missing teeth that appear while laughing and talking make the person look older. Some melting may occur in the jawbone in the part where the teeth are pulled. As the number of extracted teeth increases, this dissolution increases. Missing teeth also negatively affect other teeth, causing the gap between the teeth to become sparse.

Prof. Dr. Erol Akın said, “The most effective method in the treatment of missing teeth is implants. By applying implants to the lower part of the dental prostheses made for people who do not have complete teeth, the prosthesis comes out of the mouth and especially the lower dental prostheses are prevented from moving too much.”

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