Ancestry Wheat Varieties Are Transferred to Future Generations

Atalik Wheat Varieties are Transferred to Future Generations
Ancestry Wheat Varieties Are Transferred to Future Generations

In the project 'On-site preservation and marketing of local wheat varieties' initiated by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in 2020 together with the Bahri Bağdaş International Agricultural Research Institute Directorate, 12 producers were reached in 58 neighborhoods. 25 producers, to which the Metropolitan Municipality provided 58 kilograms of seeds and fertilizers per decare, brought the ancestral seeds to the soil.

Project; It was also delivered to producers living in Silifke's Balandiz District, Camlica, Çadırlı, Cılbayır, Gökbelen, İmamuşağı, Senir, Uşakpınarı, Pelitpınarı, Uzuncaburç, Tosmurlu and Ovacık districts.

Karakış: “The work we started on an area of ​​65 decares reached an area of ​​2 decares in 290 years”

Agricultural Technician Ali Karakış, affiliated to the Department of Agricultural Services, who stated that a total of 12 producers in 58 neighborhoods are provided with seed and fertilizer support so that they can be planted on an area of ​​290 decares, said, “The Metropolitan Municipality provides both fertilizer and seed support for the producers benefiting from our project. This project is a continuation of the cultivation of local yellow wheat varieties that we started in Silifke Balandz in 2020. Within the scope of the project, the project, which we started with 13 producers from Baland on an area of ​​65 decares, has now reached an area of ​​12 decares with 58 producers from 290 neighborhoods in Silifke.

Stating that they aim to transfer ancestral yellow wheat varieties to future generations and to protect the cultural heritage with the project, Karakış said, “In addition, our producers who benefit from our project have the chance to market their products under suitable conditions through the Metropolitan Municipality or Mersinden Women's Cooperative after they harvest their products.”

Muhtar Usca: “The support given is important, only a sack of fertilizer is 930 liras in the market”

Arif Usca, the headman of Çamlıca Neighborhood, who brought together the ancestral seeds, which are given by the Metropolitan Municipality and known as 'Highland Wheat' by the local people, said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor gave us seed wheat. Everyone planted his field. The characteristic of this wheat is that it is not affected by the frost that occurs in cold weather.” Muhtar Usca, who stated that the support provided will also make a significant contribution to the family budgets, said, “This wheat normally costs a lot. Only the sack of fertilizer is 930 liras. I used to throw 3 sacks of fertilizer here every year for both feed and seed wheat. The President did not withhold his support from us. “I think this support will continue,” he said.

“Since the seed is a bee, I think the yield will be good”

A citizen named Doğan Genç, who said that they could not get a harvest from the planting they did last year due to the drought, said, “We already had no seed wheat and no flour for our food base. Vahap Seçer My president sent us seeds, we are planting them in our field today. It will be very helpful to my family budget. And since there is a seed bee, I think the yield will be good. With the wheat grown here, I will support my household, I will educate my children, I will feed my family. I do not buy seeds, even flour, with money," he said.

“We even bought flour with money this year”

Hayriye Usca, who said that the seed and fertilizer support provided will help her children's future, said, "Thank you, Vahap President sent our seed. We have sown our crops, and hopefully we will reap. We plant it because it will help our animals, our food, our children's future. This year we even bought flour with money. Now we have planted our seeds, I hope we will have bread next year," he said.

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