New Striking UAV from ASELSAN

New Striking UAV from ASELSAN
New Striking UAV from ASELSAN

📩 22/11/2022 15:04

ASELSAN introduced the new multi-rotor ammunition unmanned flying system Striker UAV. The Striker UAV is a fully autonomous unmanned flying system that ensures that the targets, whose information is entered by the user or determined by taking real-time images as a result of reconnaissance and surveillance, are neutralized by the explosion of the warhead integrated into the aircraft.

System features

  • Weight : ~15kg
  • Flight Time: >30min (with 3.5kg payload)
  • Travel Speed ​​: ~ 45km/h
  • Diving Speed: ~300km/h
  • Communication : 5km
  • Operating Temperature :-20°C /+52°C
  • Mission Altitude: AGL 1200m
  • MSL 4000m
  • Interchangeable Warhead
  • Mission Cancellation with Reversible Warhead
  • Easy Installation On Site
  • LIDAR Assisted Landing System
  • Target Coordinate Information
  • Ability to Integrate Different Payloads
  • Possibility of Use with Joystick
  • Enhanced Anti Jamming with Anti-Jam GPS Antenna


  • Autonomous Takeoff & Landing & Fully Autonomous Navigation
  • Setting a Single Point Target
  • Adding a Flight Plan
  • Automatic Return To Home When Link Lost
  • Semi-Autonomous Use in a Non-GNSS Environment
  • Smart Batteries with Power Management System
  • Emergency Return To A Place Other Than The Place Where It Left Off
  • Waypoint Tracking
  • Mission Plan Change During Flight
  • Restricted area

Useful load

  • 2 Axis Movable Gyro Stabilized Gimbal
  • Thermal and/or Day Cameras Determined According to Operational Needs
  • Electronic Stabilization, Moving Target Tracking
  • Enhanced Particle Effect or Multi-Purpose Warhead

Ground Control Station

  • Military Type Tactical Map Infrastructure (RASTER-DTED)
  • Task Plan Loading / Saving
  • Integrated to Command Control Systems
  • Digital Network Based Communication
  • Real Time Video Viewing and Recording

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