Arrangement of the Çalı Road in the Highway Adjustment in Bursa

Arrangement on the Cali Road in Bursa at the Highway Adjustment
Arrangement of the Çalı Road in the Highway Adjustment in Bursa

The works initiated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the General Directorate of Highways on Çalı Yolu continue at full speed. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin, who examined the works on site, said that they will solve another chronic problem that has been talked about for years as of December.

Producing radical solutions to transportation with bridges and intersections, new roads and road widening works in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the existing roads that are inadequate and healthier. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Highways, also brings a permanent solution to the Çalı Road, which has been talked about for years. The first stage works of 3 kilometers on Çalı Road, known as Bursa-Kayapa-Mustafakemalpaşa Road, started in September, and the investment is aimed to be put into service by the end of December. The divided road, which has two departures and two arrivals, was revised as three departures and three arrivals by raising its standard. While the Metropolitan Municipality, BUSKİ, UEDAŞ and Highways teams continue to work without a break; Necessary project preparations for the second phase of Çalı Yolu have been completed. In addition, Küçük Sanayi Junction and Üçevler Junction were designed as smart intersections.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Deputy Mustafa Esgin examined the works on site and received information from the authorities. President Aktaş and Deputy Esgin, who exchanged ideas about the investment on the map, then went to the field and met with the teams. sohbet He wished good luck.

opens in December

President Alinur Aktaş, who said that they are happy to realize the promises they made regarding transportation to Bursa, said that the Çalı Yolu has been talked about for years, but that no progress has been made. Expressing that they visited the Regional Director of Highways together with the Bursa deputies in the past days and told them about their troubles and excitement, Mayor Aktaş said, “Work has started in the region as of September with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Highways. We will have completed the first 3 kilometers of the section 'including expropriations and construction' in a month and a half, that is, by the end of December. Project studies related to the remaining 3 kilometers have been prepared. Then we want to continue it. We are also discussing that part with Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. I would like to thank our Minister, our deputies, the general manager, the regional manager and everyone who supported the work, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”

Promises made are kept

Explaining that the road was narrowed due to the works, the citizens were directed to alternative routes and the UEDAŞ, BUSKİ and Highways teams showed great effort, Mayor Aktaş said, “Regulations are being made regarding neighborhood entrances, middle refuges and smart intersections. We are making the Çalı Road worthy of the region, with 3 arrivals and 3 departures. In the continuation of the road, we have Çalı Organized Industrial Zone, industrial establishments, workplaces and neighborhoods. Hopefully, when it's over, all of Bursa will experience this comfort. This was one of the chronic problems. We are happy to fulfill another promise we made," he said.

“We are at the service of our citizens”

Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin said that the first phase of the road work, which was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality and which was undertaken by the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways, stretching from Beşevler to Çalı, and from there to Kayapa and Hasanağa, was completed quickly. Stating that the road covers the Beşevler, Kültür, Üçevler, Demirci, Çalı and Kayapa neighborhoods as well as the industry, Esgin said that there is an intense population increase on the Kayapa and Hasanağa sides. Esgin stated that with the commissioning of the investment, the urban traffic in Bursa and the density on the İzmir Road will decrease, and said, “With the intense efforts of our Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, we have solved the traffic knot in Acemler significantly. Bursa made the road to the City Hospital and connected it to İzmir Road from Özlüce. Samanli bridges were renewed. We are continuing a major alternative road project on Otosansit. In the solution of every problem of our Bursa, we have made a unity of fate together with our Metropolitan Mayor, our provincial president and our deputies. We are all on the field together, we follow and finalize the whole process closely, whatever needs to be done locally and nationally.”

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