Aesthetic Lip Filling Trend Continues

Aesthetic Lip Filling Trend Continues
Aesthetic Lip Filling Trend Continues

While the perception of beauty changes day by day, lip augmentation continues to lead the aesthetic trends. While the data published by Market Watch indicates that lip fillers will increase by 2028 percent until 70, starting from the pandemic period and reaching a value of 3,4 million dollars, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande National, on the other hand, warns that they should prefer specialists who will prioritize their patients' expectations for lip augmentation.

While social media continues to feed aesthetic trends, many women resort to aesthetic practices to capture the beauty norms of society. Lip augmentation, which maintains its place among the rising trends, is at the beginning of these procedures. Data released by Market Watch indicates that the lip filler market, which exceeded $2021 million in 2, will grow to $7,7 million by 2028 with an average compound growth of 3,4 percent.

Stating that the desire to have full lips has increased exponentially in recent years, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande National made the following statement on the subject: “Some studies show that lip fillers using fat and implant materials have grown by about 10% in the last 60 years. The procedures requested in the field of aesthetics differ from time to time with the effect of social media. Lip fillings, one of the rising trends of the last period, are one of the procedures frequently applied by our patients, especially for the last two years. Based on the experiences we have recorded in this process, lip fillers that can be performed alone or in combination with resurfacing treatments are not preferred only by women with thin lip structure. This method is also used by those who want to make the lip lines more prominent, equalize the lower and upper lip sizes, and make their lips more visible on the entire face and make them interesting.”

Lip augmentation became the most common minimal aesthetic treatment

Noting that lip augmentation is one of the most common minimal aesthetic treatments today, Dr. Hande National said, "In parallel with the increase in the number of people who have lip fillers around the world, many patients are faced with applications that are unnatural or have negative health consequences due to specialists who do not have sufficient competence in their field. One of the reasons for this situation is that people are exposed to information pollution while researching questions such as what is lip augmentation and how it is done. This order is followed by the fact that every aesthetic or beautician does not know the procedures to be performed during the procedure.

Wrong methods can lead to different complications

Underlining that patients may experience both psychological and physical problems after unlicensed drugs and unsuccessful procedures used in lip augmentation, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande National said, “Big lips that are disproportionate to the face are the most hesitant cases of patients in lip filling. This situation, which is caused by over-injecting the fillers, can of course be corrected after the time determined by the experts. However, the encounter of patients with this image can lead to a negative psychological effect. Not every result of unsuccessful transactions may be so innocent. Mistakes made in the process can cause different complications.

Excessive bruising and rough lips can be a sign of unsuccessful applications.

Stating that excessive bruising after lip augmentation may indicate a wrong application, Dr. Hande National says, “It is normal to have some bruising following the lip injection. However, if this bruising reaches the highest level or the lips become rough over time, it may be an indication that the specialist followed the wrong methods in the treatment. The way for patients to avoid such situations is to consider their education and experience while choosing the specialists who will perform their treatment. Because the procedures that draw people's attention directly to the person's face, such as lip augmentation, should be performed by experts who are competent in the field and prioritize the expectations of their patients.

He takes part in international teaching staff

Stating that he enriched his knowledge and experience by being in the international trainer staff of Aptos and FDA-approved dermal filler Restylane, which is the pioneer in non-surgical face lift techniques, Dermatology Specialist Dr. According to the information obtained from Hande National, she has been working as a trainer in Teosyal Turkey for several years. As a result of his achievements, with the trainer and participant certificates he has been awarded by institutions, National, which has become the pioneer that physicians apply to obtain information in this field, also transforms the methods it has developed into service in its clinics. It offers rapid rejuvenation up to 5 years old with short applications such as Magic and Princess Touch (magic and princess filling) in lip augmentation. In addition to this, she also provides services in areas such as spot treatment, face lift, lipolysis and cellulite mesotherapy, botox, eyelid aesthetics in her clinics.

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