Actress Güzin Çorağan Died? Who is Güzin Çorağan and why did she die?

Actor Guzin Coragan Dies Who Is Guzin Coragan Why?
Actress Güzin Çorağan Died Who is Güzin Çorağan, Why Did She Die?

Theater and cinema actress Güzin Çorağan, known for her TV series "Bizimkiler", passed away at the age of 79. Actress Zafer Algöz announced the news of his death on his Twitter account. Algöz shared, “We lost Güzin Çorağan, friends. May God have mercy on him."

Who is Guzin Corağan?

Güzin Çorağan (born 1943 – died 27 November 2022, Balıkesir), Turkish actress.

He started his artistic career in 1962 at the Bursa Chamber Theater. Çorağan, who has been a theater actress for a long time, has her first cinema experience as Asiye How to Get Rid, directed by Atıf Yılmaz? He lived in the movie. Çorağan, who took part in small compositions in many films, was a member of ÇASOD.

She took part in TRT's TV series Bizimkiler, which marked the nineties and lasted for more than 10 years, as a "German's wife" (Ulrike/Ulviye) who has made a definite return to Turkey. She was married to Tayfun Çorağan, who also starred in the TV series Bizimkiler.

Çorağan, who took part in films such as Selamsız Bandosu in 1987, Düttür Dünya in 1988, and Karılar Ward in 1989, recently took part in the productions of Masked Beşler and Hanımın Çiftliği.

Died on November 27, 2022 at the age of 79



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