KYK Scholarship Applications Extended? When is the KYK Loan and Scholarship Application Deadline?

KYK Scholarship Applications Have Been Extended When is the Last Day for KYK Loan and Scholarship Application
Are KYK Scholarship Applications Extended? When is the Last Day for KYK Loan and Scholarship Applications?

The KYK loan and scholarship application process started on November 15 last week and ended on November 17. Hundreds of thousands of people who want to continue their education more economically by getting a scholarship have completed their applications. Scholarship and loan application deadlines were expected to be extended. Have the KYK scholarship applications been extended? When is the last day for KYK loan and scholarship application? Has the application deadline been extended? It has been announced that the scholarship application period has been extended for those who could not apply for various reasons.

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu made statements about the restructuring process of higher education loan debts and what students should do.

Some of the headlines from Minister Kasapoğlu's statements at the GSB Dormitory Coordination Center are as follows: “A total of 27 billion 15 million 455 thousand liras has been taken from the shoulders of our youth. We are working in coordination with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the debtors whose debts have been reported to the tax office, and with this study, we also reported the index amounts corresponding to the installments of the debtors. These index amounts will not be collected from unpaid taxis. For those who want to follow this process related to loan repayments, I would like to announce that we have started this process and access to index amounts via e-Government as of now. Our young people can pay the debts of which the index has been removed, either through internet banking or from Ziraat Bank ATMs. I wish the new arrangement good luck.

I would like to express my gratitude to our President, who has always been on the side of the youth, who made great contributions to our youth with his youth-oriented work and service policy, and removed the obstacles. This year, we started the process for loan and scholarship applications again. In this sense, I would like to express that we are faced with an intense demand. We carry out this process quickly with completely objective criteria, by verifying and verifying the information coming from different institutions and organizations in a completely digital environment. There were young people who could not apply for various reasons. We are starting the application process again by evaluating their requests. Those who cannot apply for a loan until 23:59 tomorrow will be able to apply.

In 45, the amount of scholarship was 2002 lira, 850 lira in undergraduate, 700 lira in master's degree, 2 thousand 550 lira in doctoral processes. We will update these figures this year.”

Günceleme: 25/11/2022 12:24

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