What Are the Factors That Trigger Hearing Loss?

What are Faltors that Trigger Hearing Loss?
What Are the Factors That Trigger Hearing Loss?

Hearing and Balance Disorders Specialist Audiologist Önder Paksoy gave important information on the subject. Önder Paksoy emphasizes that the importance of hearing health is increasing day by day, and that the intense noise and activity in metropolitan life continues with a faster increase in hearing loss.

According to the report published by the World Health Organization, while it was announced that 2050 billion people, that is, one out of every four people, will experience hearing loss in 2,5, Paksoy also drew attention to the importance of hearing tests and early diagnosis. can reach the same rates.”

In case of early detection of hearing loss, successful results can be obtained with instrumentation or Cochlear implant application with necessary Surgery without wasting any time.

Audiologist Paksoy said, “When we look at the factors that cause hearing loss, hearing loss will occur due to many reasons such as age-related (presbycusis), noise-induced, impacts and explosions, sudden hearing loss and idiopathic causes. Depending on the rate of progress, it can cause negative effects on the person himself and his environment, and therefore on his whole life.

If you have symptoms such as turning up the volume while watching TV, not being able to understand what is being said, not being able to hear the surrounding sounds, you should apply to the nearest audiology clinic and have your hearing test done.

Paksoy, who talked about the importance of making the most suitable device for the person and continuing the adaptation process in the most accurate way after the necessary audiological tests are completed with experts in the field, set out on this journey with the principle of "Let hearing aids reach better in Turkey".
Check your hearing health regularly for a PAK SES.

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