Turkey Exported 2021 Million Dollars of Olive Oil in 22/201 Season

Turkey Exported Million Dollars of Olive Oil in Season
Turkey Exported 202122 Million Dollars of Olive Oil in 201 Season

Between November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022, Turkey achieved a foreign exchange income of 58 million 313 thousand dollars with an increase of 50 percent in return for the export of 201 thousand 687 tons of olive oil. Turkey's table olive exports for the 30/2022 season, which was completed as of September 2021, 22, managed to exceed 100 thousand tons for the first time.

Compared to the previous season, our table olive exports increased from 24 thousand tons to 88 thousand tons with an increase of 110 percent, and reached the level of 15 million dollars from 150 million dollars with an increase of 173 percent in foreign currency terms.

In the 2021/22 season, our exports of olive oil, table olives and pomace oil increased to 36 million dollars with a total acceleration of 399 percent.

Turkey breaks record in olive oil exports

Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association President Davut Er said, “Turkey has achieved a foreign exchange return of 2021 million dollars in return for 22 thousand 58 tons of olive oil exports at the end of the 313/201,6 season. Our pomace exports reached 178 million dollars with an increase of 24 percent. At the end of the 2021/22 season, we reached a new record in our olive oil exports. Our average export price of olive oil increased by 2021 percent in the 22/12 season to $ 3 thousand 458. The countries to which we exported the most olive oil in this period were USA with 65 million dollars with an increase of 75 percent, Spain with 17 million dollars with an increase of 24 percent, Japan with an increase of 49 percent with 17 million dollars, Saudi Arabia with an increase of 150 percent with 10 million dollars, and the United Arab Emirates with an increase of 56 percent with 5 million dollars. it happened.” said.

Reached the highest figures in the history of the industry

President Er said, “Our packaged olive oil exports amounted to 107 million dollars. We sent 53 percent of our total olive oil exports as packaged. The total exports of our industry increased by 36 percent to 399 million dollars. This season, our olive oil sector reached the highest figures in its history, and we left behind a successful season. For the next 2022/23 season, 730 thousand tons of olives and 420 thousand tons of olive oil are predicted. We are faced with a picture that has been encountered for the first time in the history of Turkey. With these figures, Turkey will rise to the first place in the world in table olives and the second in the world in olive oil.” he said.

Turkish olive oil sector sits at the table with Spain

Emphasizing that they look at the export target of 2022 million dollars for the 23/500 period with certainty, Davut Er reminded that after 2002, Turkey's tree assets increased from 90 million to approximately 190 million.

“At that time, our olive trees planted became productive. This year's harvest proved that we could reach our target of 650 thousand tons in olive oil and 1 million 200 thousand tons in table olives. As EZZİB, we will organize a Sectoral Trade Delegation between 50 November-23 December with 27 companies in Spain, which alone meets more than 1 percent of the world olive oil harvest. We will come together with powerful actors, producer cooperatives and importers in Spain. We are second in the world in terms of yield this season. In Spain, which dominates the sector, the yield is also low. The EU needs Turkish olive oil, so it has to focus on alternative markets. On December 14, we will have the Olive and Olive Oil Sector Workshop and our 2021 Award Ceremony in İzmir. We will celebrate our success together with all the stakeholders of our industry.”

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