Most Used Plywood Types in Construction and Furniture Industry

Most Used Plywood Types in Construction and Furniture Industry
Most Used Plywood Types in Construction and Furniture Industry

Plywood is one of the most popular building materials, thanks to its important properties such as its ability to withstand moisture and high strength. Although sturdy and versatile, plywood is affordable and durable for small businesses. Knowing the usage areas of different types of plywood will reveal the importance of this material.

From kitchen cabinets to flooring, walls to furniture: the entire construction industry is made with plywood. The use of plywood will continue to increase in importance day by day as it is affordable and reliable.

Use of Plywood in the Construction Industry

Plywood used in the construction industry is formed by combining several thin wood boards with glue.

Choosing the right plywood for your exterior is very important. Exterior areas may experience much more wear and tear than interior areas, especially due to the elements. That's why it's so important to ensure that your plywood selection is long-lasting and durable. The right plywood for exterior projects must withstand moisture, rain, snow or heat as well as resist other types of damage such as insects or general rot. Therefore, it is very important to make the right choice of plywood in the construction industry.

The types of plywood used in the construction industry are as follows:

  • birch
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Beech
  • We can list the types of plywood made from tropical trees (acacia, rubber, eucalyptus).

What are the Most Used Plywood Types in the Furniture Industry?

Hard composite plywoods, in which hard products are chosen as the wood type, are often used in furniture manufacturing. Softwoods are used in the construction industry for needs such as cladding, partitions and walls.

As well as being a good choice for interior and exterior structural construction, plywood is also a popular choice for furniture construction.

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