Health Status of IETT Drivers Will Be Detected Instantly

The Health Status of IETT Drivers Will Be Detected Instantly
Health Status of IETT Drivers Will Be Detected Instantly

IETT will offer more comfortable and safer transportation to Istanbul. With the study, which covers a total of 3 thousand 50 different buses, the fatigue and distraction of the drivers will be detected immediately. Immediate action will be taken to avoid any negativity. With the same project, the densities at the stops will be determined instantly and additional flights will be sent. Wait times will be minimized.

IETT, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), which carries out all bus and metrobus transportation services of Istanbul, continues its digital transformation with brand new applications.

With the application started in June 2021, the conversion of more than 2 vehicles has been completed so far. By the end of this year, the system will be implemented in all 500 thousand 3 vehicles. Stating that they have implemented the world's largest mobility project, Şeref Can Ayata, Head of IETT Information Processing Department, said, “We have camera security systems, DSM infrastructure, which makes driver mood analysis and automatically detects unwanted situations. In the comfortable part, our USB charging units are available under audio and visual passenger information. We have GSM cameras that can analyze the mood of the driver, our passenger counting cameras that count passengers, and 50-inch passenger information screens in our vehicles. What bus number is the bus that comes outside the vehicle to serve our disadvantaged groups and our visually impaired citizens. In it, we implemented our announcement system that announces which stop the bus is at at that moment. We aim to install the system in all 21 vehicles by the end of this year," he said.

The number of passengers can be seen

The project, which sets new standards for rubber-tyred public transportation vehicles, includes innovations for both passengers and drivers:

There are many features such as instant tracking of passenger density and an information system for required additional flights.

  • In-vehicle and out-of-vehicle information system to ensure Unhindered Access for disabled passengers,
  • IP-based and full-time security camera system that can work even if the vehicle is turned off,
  • USB charging facility for passengers at many points in buses,
  • 21” HD picture quality screens showing instant passenger density,
  • Detection of fatigue and distraction
  • With the project, many firsts are being implemented that will allow drivers to drive safely:
  • Driver mood analysis system,
  • Insomnia and fatigue detection system,

With systems such as distraction situation detection, the instant health status of the drivers will be monitored and an important contribution will be made to prevent possible accidents.

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