Best Airfryer Models for Every Budget 2022

Philips Essential Airfryer HD Fryer
Philips Essential Airfryer HD Fryer

Today, the issue of changing eating habits and healthy eating is at the forefront. Reducing oil consumption is among these changes. An airfryer is one of the smart solutions to support this type of feeding. As the name suggests, the Airfryer is an air fryer. Unlike traditional deep fryers, it cooks with air, not oil. Of course some models allow the use of some oil. However, this amount is very small, like a spoon.

The Airfryer is a kitchen helper that is a candidate to replace the regular deep fryer, and its working principle is similar to a small convection oven. The best airfryer models can cook many fries without the oil needed by a regular fryer. It also allows you to cook potatoes without frying, grill vegetables and meat, make cakes, pies and more. Actually the airfryer is quite simple and useful. Because it helps you to prepare all the dishes you cook in the oven and fryer in a short time and in a healthier way.

Airfryer models with capacities that vary depending on the brand and model can cook enough food in one go, even if you live alone or with your family. It also saves energy as it cooks in a short time. We have reviewed the top 5 airfryer models for you, which have many benefits and draw great attention from users. Here are the most popular airfryer models of 2022!

Affordable Airfryer Proposals 2022

Airfyer fryers generally have oven functions, but use more air during cooking. Considering their functionality in terms of price, many of them are affordable. For example, Goldmaster Cookfry, which helps you make delicious fries in a short time, offers 8 automatic programs, allowing frying and other dishes to be cooked at the ideal temperature and time. With this feature, it is budget friendly. Thanks to its durability, it can be used for a long time. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi Smart airfryer provides 360-degree air circulation, helping the food to be cooked evenly and to be crispy on the outside. In general, airfryer fryers offer good airflow, but the Xiaomi Mi Smart stands out for its affordable price.

Wiami Airfryer is an app-controlled model and offers 50 recipes. So you can discover new tastes. In addition to its affordable price, application usage and recipes are free. Known for its Rapid Air technology, Philips Essential is one of the favorites among airfryer fryers. It is a cute little model and is suitable for everyday use with ready-made programs. The Electrolux E6AF1-4ST Explore 6, which appeals to those looking for a much larger bowl, is another fryer with a touch screen and a user-friendly interface. Each fryer is affordable for its features and benefits. You can easily find the one that suits you among the budget-friendly options.

You can access all airfryer fryers offered with Turkcell Pasaj privileges in a short time and start cooking healthy meals by taking advantage of budget-friendly payment options. However, in November and Black Friday If you want to take advantage of the advantages of the airfryer, you can take a look at the airfryer models that get full points from the users through the Opportunities Passage offered by Turkcell Pasaj. Turkcell Passage supports users with payment options and offers various payment methods such as payment in installments and reflection on invoice, as well as discounted products. Thus, you can have the airfryer model you want, cook the potatoes more crispy on the outside, softer on the inside, cook a whole chicken in one go and fill the tables with various flavors.

Philips Essential Airfryer HD9252/90 Fryer

Philips is a brand with many options and new technologies when it comes to airfryer. Offers L, XL and much larger XXXL airfryer models. However, the Essential HD9252/90 model can be seen as a medium-sized airfryer with a volume of 800 grams in terms of capacity. When it is calculated as 250 grams of french fries per person, it is 2-3 people. With Rapid Air technology, it can cook almost all kinds of food, especially potatoes, crispy outside and soft inside. One of its biggest advantages is that it is really compact. The Philips airfryer is equipped with a digital display, which you can easily place even if you have a small counter.

You can see the timer and temperature alternately on the Airfryer's display with very clear numbers. You can also set the cooking time and temperature on the touchscreen and choose from seven preset programmes. If you wish, you can create 2 records for your favorite recipes. In addition to cooking, there is also a useful keep-warm function. All removable parts, including the frying basket, are suitable for washing in the dishwasher, thus providing you convenience after use. Cooking performance is excellent for stir-fries, snacks, sandwiches, meat and fish.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3,5 L Fryer

One of the minimal airfryer fryers is the famous Xiaomi Mi Smart model. It offers 600 grams of capacity and is generally for 1-2 people. It is one of the airfryer models that gets full points from users with its yogurt making, fruit drying, microwave and electric oven features. It is very practical to use digitally as it is equipped with an OLED touch screen. You can see all your settings on the screen, and you can also take advantage of the ready-made options, just like in the Philips model. Since it provides 360-degree air circulation, it provides equal heat distribution and while all the food is crispy on the outside, the inside is cooked in its full consistency. At full capacity, it can fry potatoes in 14 minutes and almost any snack will be ready in 15 minutes.

Because it offers versatile use, you can cook meat, french fries, fry vegetables, bake bread at high temperatures. It also has defrost or keep warm functions. In this way, you can prepare all recipes with a single device and benefit from the instructions for ready-made recipes. Pairs with Mi Home app for remote control. For example, you can start it before you get home, and let Mi Smart Air Fryer welcome you.

Electrolux E6AF1-4ST Explore 6 Air Fryer Fryer

One of the air fryers that provide even cooking by circulating hot air is the Electrolux E6AF1-4ST Explore airfryer model. It allows for many cooking styles, from frying to oven dishes, from roasting to grilling. Since it is used instead of many devices, you can use it at every meal from your breakfast to dinner by positioning it on the counter. It also helps you save money thanks to its large capacity, low energy consumption and ability to cook in a short time. Thanks to its digital display, ready programs can be selected, time can be set and food can be cooked with precise heat setting. Electrolux airfryer, which allows you to prepare different recipes such as muffins, chicken, frying vegetables, allows you to prepare meals for your whole family at once with its large capacity. For example, you can cook the whole chicken at once. One of the most important features is that all parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Goldmaster Cookfry Digital Touch Airfryer Oil Free Hot Air Fryer

One of the air fryers that provides even cooking thanks to its innovative air flow is the Goldmaster Cookfry model. It provides great convenience with its touch screen and 8 ready-made automatic cooking options. It is possible to see every adjustment you make when the digital screen provides a very large and clear image. You don't have to wait with 60 minutes time setting. After the food is cooked, it turns off automatically, keeping your cooked food safe. The handle is heat resistant, which helps to prevent possible accidents while using the device. The 3,2 liter cooking chamber offers you and your family the opportunity to cook at once. In this way, you do not have to wait to prepare chicken, potatoes, vegetables and various desserts. You can fill its full capacity with potatoes and fry potatoes with a spoonful of oil.

Wiami Airfryer 3.5 L Smart Oil Free Air Fryer

Wiami airfryer, a sub-brand of Xiaomi and offering smart solutions in home electronics, stands out with its 3,5-liter capacity. With its digital and touch screen, it allows you to set both a ready program and precise temperature and time. It does not take up too much space on your counter and looks very stylish. You can get excellent results in the first use, as it has a ready-made program even for french fries. What you need to do is to place the sliced ​​potatoes according to the capacity into the hopper and touch the potato image on the touch screen. Other ready-made programs on the touch panel cover many dishes from chicken to vegetables, from fish to pastries. Just like Xioami, there is a smartphone app that allows you to control it remotely. In this way, you can open and close it and ensure that the food you place inside is cooked effortlessly. The application also contains 50 recipes and allows you to try new flavors.

Zilan ZLN 3604 Digital AirFryer 4,6 L

The Zilan ZLN 3604 AirFryer model of the Zilan brand, which draws attention with its affordable options in home electronics, has a 4,6 liter non-stick coated inner chamber. By circulating the hot air in it, it provides the preparation of crispy foods with minimum oil content. With the ZLN 3604 model, you can easily make your desserts such as potato chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, meat, fish and even cake. In addition, the removable cooking basket can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Thanks to the LED screens on it, the cooking time can be adjusted as in other airfryer models and automatic shutdown occurs at the end of the time. You can examine Zilan brand products, one of the affordable options of air fryer models that can be one of the best assistants in the kitchen, at Turkcell Pasaj.

Which is the Best Airfryer?

All airfryer models are highly functional with their features such as changing volume, automatic program number, hot hold function, touch panel, LED display. Different types of airfryers designed by brands are equipped with the features that users need. Large families or guests with a large number of guests will prefer larger and more spacious airfryers, while those who live alone will prefer more minimal airfryer fryers. The number of automatic programs can also determine users' preferences. Simply press the potato button to fry potatoes effortlessly. The content of these automatic programs varies from brand to brand. It's a great feature for users who don't want to keep track of cooking. That's why the best airfryer can be a different model of airfryer for everyone. The airfryer, which is enough for you and allows you to cook the food you want, in the amount you want, is the best.

What Should Be Considered While Buying an Airfryer?

There are several factors that are important when purchasing an airfryer fryer. You should look at the brand, the price, but also the capacity and functions. Of course, one must not forget the weight and size. Because an airfryer fryer is probably used on the counter. It can be expected from an airfryer that it does not take up space and is always at hand. However, this is not a criterion for large or double bowl airfryer fryers for very large families. The most important thing to consider when buying an Airfryer is your intended use. If you're looking for an airfryer just to prepare snacks and chips in a healthy way, you don't need much functionality. If you want to use the airfryer to unleash all of your cooking skills, you can turn to a slightly larger, multifunctional and pre-programmed model. If you want to make french fries for large groups of people, it might be a good idea to buy an XL or XXL airfryer. You can prepare more than a kilo of french fries at one time in these sizes.

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