Support for Social Projects from Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş.

Support for Social Projects from Akkuyu Nukleer A
Support for Social Projects from Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş.

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. supported the realization of important social projects in the region where Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) was built. In this context, approximately 10 million liras were donated to Gülnar and Silifke Municipalities.

During the meeting with Gülnar District Governor Musa Ayyıldız and Mayor Alpaslan Ünüvar, AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Aleksey Frolov, Managing Director of Relations with Public Institutions and International Cooperation, personally delivered the donation certificate for the financing of the nursing home construction. With the donation amount, the design, construction and technical equipment costs of the building will be fully covered. It is also planned to equip the city park with sports equipment, playground and family recreation areas.

A certificate was presented to the Mayor of Silifke, Sadık Altunok, where most of the employees in Akkuyu NPP construction live, for the construction of the sports field and support to the local sports club. In this way, it is planned to increase the participation of young people in social life in the Silifke region and to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the experts and residents of the Akkuyu NPP, which is under construction.

Gülnar District Governor Musa Ayyıldız expressed his gratitude to AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. and said: “Next year is the 100th anniversary of our Republic and we are planning to celebrate this important date with large-scale events. We look forward to your support in this regard. Of particular importance to us are social projects that help improve the lives of residents. AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. has been our neighbor for years and we are very pleased with our fruitful cooperation with the company. On behalf of all Gülnar residents, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management of the company.”

Silifke Mayor Sadık Altunok also spoke as follows on the subject: “Silifke is growing and developing and of course we attach special importance to infrastructure projects. We are trying to make our city more modern and comfortable to live in. We plan to build a large number of sports and training facilities. We carry out large-scale work for the improvement of urban planning, both with our own resources and through the realization of such charitable projects. I sincerely thank AKKUYU NUCLEAR for supporting the social areas in our district.”

AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. General Manager Anastasia Zoteeva also said about the contributions made to the Akkuyu NPP construction site: “The ongoing large-scale construction contributes to the flow of workers and experts to the region. This increases the burden on the social infrastructure. In constant close contact with municipalities, we determine together the areas where our support will be most effective. We hope that the lives of the residents of the district will be more comfortable as a result of our interaction with the local authorities. We are always open to cooperation, the creation and development of socially significant initiatives.”

AKKUYU NUCLEAR program for donating to the region is implemented within the framework of sustainable development principles. The program aims to strengthen the social interaction between Mersin residents and the participants of the Akkuyu NPP construction project.

Günceleme: 03/11/2022 15:48

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