No Bids for Two New Stops Tender to İZBAN

No Bidder for IZBANa Two New Stop Tender
No Bids for Two New Stops Tender to İZBAN

In order to facilitate access to İZBAN, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality went out to tender again on November 3 for the construction of Lale stations in Konak district and Katip Çelebi stations in Çiğli district. It was learned that there were no bidders for the two new stop tenders for İZBAN, which was held for the second time. It is expected to be re-bid.

New ones are being added to the stops on the Izmir Suburban Line, one of the partner companies of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is planned to increase the number of stops in İZBAN, which serves at 136 stops on the 41-kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk, which bears the traffic load of İzmir.

After the 'allocation crisis' was resolved for the Katip Çelebi stop between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Branch Directorate, Lale Mahallesi between Kemer and Buca stops, and between Egekent and Ulukent, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to go out to tender for the first time.

However, the tender held on September 12, 2022 was canceled 'due to the lack of bidders'. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which took action, decided to go out to tender again. The second tender was held on November 3, 2022, but according to the information obtained, no bidders were submitted for the second tender. It is expected that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender again in the near future.

What Happened?

In line with the project prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, upon the request of the district headmen and the residents of the neighborhood, the tender for the construction of the Lale Mahallesi İZBAN Station was put out to tender on September 21, 2021. On November 26, 2021, a contract was signed with the contractor company and then the site was delivered. The works were stopped in June after the contractor company applied for the liquidation of the work based on the temporary sixth article of the Law No. 4735, titled 'Additional price difference or termination of contracts'. During this period, upon the preparation of the necessary projects for the construction of Katip Çelebi University İZBAN Station, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to build the Katip Çelebi University İZBAN station together with the Lale Mahallesi İZBAN Station.

136 Kilometer Line

Turkey's longest suburban line was put into service in 2010 with 80 kilometers between Aliağa and Menderes. The İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) line, built in partnership with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was first extended to Torbalı, and then the 26-kilometer section between Tepeköy and Selçuk was put into service. İZBAN line reached 136 kilometers with the participation of Selçuk Station. The number of stations on the İZBAN line, which is 41, will increase to 43 with the commissioning of the new stations.

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