Kenan Onuk Athletics Track Gets Full Marks From Athletes

Kenan Onuk Athletics Track Gets Full Marks From Athletes
Kenan Onuk Athletics Track Gets Full Marks From Athletes

IMM Maltepe Kenan Onuk Track and Field Track, which IMM brought to Istanbul, attracts great attention from athletes and Istanbulites. The facility, which is the first athletics track in the history of the institution, hosts the trainings of hundreds of athletes in Olympic branches from long jump to running, from shot put to javelin. Athletes and coaches are both very satisfied with the opportunities it offers.

Maltepe Kenan Onuk Track and Field Track, opened by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on May 2022, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, was built as the first international track and field track. The facility, which was brought to Istanbul as the third open international athletics facility after Burhan Felek Athletics Stadium and Atatürk Olympic Stadium, was built in a way to form integrity with other recreational areas on the coast, together with green areas and sports sections.


The facility, which has a tribune with a total capacity of 980 people, including 110 spectators, 31 people for the protocol and 1.121 people for the press, 6 administrative offices, 5 locker rooms, 2 referee rooms, massage room, conditioning room, health room, doping control room, award ceremony waiting area. There are 2 rest rooms and storage areas. In the facility, where there is an 8-lane athletics track, there are 100 meters start area, hammer and discus throwing cage, long and triple jump area, pole vault area, high jump area, javelin throw area and shot put area.


The facility, which serves in cooperation with the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate and Spor Istanbul, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was opened on 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day with the participation of . Long jump; shot put, puck, hammer and javelin; It provides services in the branches of high jump, pole vault, long and short distance running, triple jump, hurdle running and water hurdle running.


Athletes and coaches are also very satisfied with the opportunities offered by IMM Maltepe Kenan Onuk Track and Field Track. Talha Turtaş, one of the athletes who used the facility all week, said that they could find everything they needed on the athletics track of IMM. Turtaş, an athlete of the İBB Sports Club, said about the track where they train six days a week, “We train here 6 days a week and an average of 2 hours… It was very good for us that this place was opened, the ground is soft, there is a regular working area, there are two different sand areas where we can jump. and everything is there,” he said.


Hasan Arif Yeşilbaş, one of the athletes who continues to work at the facility, said, “Even someone who has never done sports wants to do sports when they see this place. I was grateful when I first saw it. Finally, we got a beautiful, aesthetic field like those abroad and I liked it very much.”

Short-distance runner Abdullah Öncül said, “I thought of quitting sports before for various reasons. But seeing and working here relaxes me, makes me happy, and encourages me to do sports more. In fact, one of the reasons why I returned to sports was this field. Because the environment and the opportunities offered affect an athlete a lot.”


Noting that the track is a facility of European standards, coach Mikail Yalçın said, “Athletics is the foundation of all sports. No matter what sport you do, you have to go through athletics, which creates a good sports infrastructure for our students. In this sense, I think this track is a great sports environment.”


In addition to licensed athletes, IMM Sports Schools events are organized at the IMM Maltepe Kenan Onuk Athletics Track, which mediate the children's acquaintance with sports. Athletics trainings are given to the future Olympic champions at the sports schools held two days a week at the facility. Local people can also benefit from the facility, which can also be allocated to clubs and educational institutions for private athletics races. Exercise programs are organized every day at the facility, accompanied by expert trainers. The events organized with the intense participation of the public are held every morning between 06.30 - 10.00 and 19.00 - 23.00. The facility, which hosts over 1.000 athletes every month, served the athletes and the people of Istanbul with 3.687 sessions last month.

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