'Küçükçamlıca Grove' Invitation from İmamoğlu to Citizens

'Kucukcamlica Grove Invitation from Imamoglu to Citizens'
'Küçükçamlıca Grove' Invitation from İmamoğlu to Citizens

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade examinations in Küçükçamlıca Grove, which was renovated by transforming old and worn areas under ecological conditions. Saying, "An extraordinary job has been done here," İmamoğlu invited the people of Istanbul to see the grove, which they have completely renovated and put into service.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) renewed the Küçükçamlıca Grove in Üsküdar by transforming old and weathered areas under ecological conditions. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade a short morning walk in the grove, which has entered the service of Istanbulites with its new face. Imamoglu, who received information about the area from IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department Head Çağatay Seçkin, witnessed the work of the officials who determined the age and health status of the trees in the park with technological devices. During the walk, İmamoğlu met the “nature detective” students of our Home İstanbul Gülsuyu Kindergarten. sohbets carried out. The words of a student, "Come to our school sometime," caused laughter.


Expressing that he wants to experience the renewed Küçükçamlıca Grove on site, İmamoğlu said, “I've been hearing good words about this place for a long time. The job here is tidied up, it's over. We are here today, like a little walk in the morning, in order to announce that it is ready for the citizens, and to make you feel what kind of wildlife such a beautiful park contains. But excitedly, I will quickly plan to come here and take a walk for an hour like this. An extraordinary job. There is a past that we can call almost 500 years now, there is a great history here," he said. Speaking in front of the 398-year-old pine tree, one of the symbols of the grove, İmamoğlu said, “You know, when we say, 'The manager should know his place', sometimes the most important rule of democracy is to see the tree, know its place, embrace its duty better, and respect what monuments and artifacts are there in the world, in cities. . It stands here noble like a symbol of it. We welcome our citizens to Çamlıca Grove.”

DUE TO 1654

IMM, with its history dating back to 1654, with an area of ​​271.443 square meters, determined as a "Natural Protected Area" with the decision of the Istanbul No. 3 Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board, dated 15.11.1995 and numbered 7755; Renovated old and worn-out children's playgrounds, pools, waterfalls, walking paths, pedestrian paths, vehicle roads, parking areas, internet, WC and other infrastructure in accordance with ecology and offered them to the service of Istanbul residents. Korun's lighting system was also completely overhauled. High lighting poles, which damage its ecological identity and negatively affect wildlife, were replaced with low lighting poles suitable for the identity of the grove and wildlife, and light pollution was prevented.

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