Intense Interest in 'Sports Talent Measurement Program' by Children from İzmir

Intense Interest in Sportive Talent Measurement Program from Children of Izmir
Intense Interest in 'Sports Talent Measurement Program' by Children from İzmir

The sportive talent measurement application, in which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality directs the future of children between the ages of 8-10, attracts great attention. 6 children have benefited from the service since last year.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe “Sports Talent Measurement and Orientation Program”, which was initiated in line with the goal of transforming İzmir into a sports city, continues to discover talents between the ages of 8-10. There is great interest in the application, which also provides mobile services by going to the districts. 10 thousand 6 children benefited from the program, which started again after the pandemic break, in 100 months.

The program, which aims to gain awareness of sports and the habit of doing sports at an early age, is implemented free of charge in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Department and Ege University. According to the measurement results, the tendencies of the children are evaluated and with the approval of the families, the children are directed to the branches that are suitable for them.

Measurements and evaluations

In measurement tests, Skinfold fat measurement (5 zones), flamingo balance, flexibility, long jump, hand eye coordination, arm strength, body length measurements, height weight measurement, hand grip strength measurement, back leg strength measurement, joint angle measurements, joint mini diameter measurement, throwing a medicine ball back, shuttle, vertical jump measurement, 5 meters agility, 20 meters speed, endurance measurement, stroke length, sitting height are evaluated.

How is it applied?

The program continues during the semester and mid-term holidays. To participate in the program, it is necessary to fill out the form here. For detailed information about the aptitude measurement test, you can call 293 30 90.

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