Innovation in Agriculture was Discussed at the Meeting of Innovators in Agriculture

Innovation in Agriculture was Discussed at the Meeting of Innovators in Agriculture
Innovation in Agriculture was Discussed at the Meeting of Innovators in Agriculture

At the “Meeting of Innovators in Agriculture”, hosted by Agro TV and Boğaziçi University Innovative Agriculture and Food Management Platform (BOUN Tarım), and where Growmach is a strategic business partner, the necessity of creating a road map for the future of the agricultural sector was emphasized.

Turkey's leading farmers, academics, the financial world, global technology organizations and stakeholders of the agricultural sector came together at the meeting held at Boğaziçi University Albert Long Hall and continuing throughout the day.

In the "Innovators Meeting", where important speakers from the agriculture sector made presentations, up-to-date information on the product portfolios of farmers and the problems they are waiting for solutions were also shared.

Stating that they signed an important cooperation with Growmach at the event, Doğan Başaran, CEO of AGRO TV Turkey and Azerbaijan, said, “We will present the activities that we crown our TV broadcasting, which reaches 15 different countries, with various national events, in a special way to this platform. We will spend all our energies on Growmach to host the international media organization, the Innovation Event that will have global accreditation, the meeting of innovative farmer authorities from many countries of the world at Growmach, and the hosting of the startup and enterprise ecosystem in agricultural technologies.”

Growmach Fair Director Engin Er, who expressed that they are proud of signing another important fair that will bring the Turkish agricultural machinery industry together at the meeting, expressed with Growmach that the process of the international agricultural machinery industry's presence in new markets will accelerate and the industry will gain a new vision.


Speaking during the event, Growmach Fair Director Engin Er also gave information about Growmach Fair. Private; “About 400 fairs are held annually in Turkey. The sector with the most exhibitions is the agricultural sector. Fairs are mostly aimed at local participants. There was no international agricultural machinery fair in our country. To do this, we have introduced a brand called Growmach. As Informa, which organizes Growtech, the world's largest fair in the greenhouse agriculture sector, in Turkey, we will now hold the Growmach, Tractor, Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Technologies Fair at Antalya Anfaş Fair Center on October 10-14, 2023. We chose Antalya because it is a very suitable city for the transportation and accommodation of visitors and participants from abroad.”


Stating that they prepared a strategic plan by programming the Growmach Fair 4 years ago, Engin Er said, “We also opened an agricultural machinery section in the previous Growtech fairs. By opening this section, we aimed for the participants to have the opportunity to see what we have done in this field. 25 companies from 510 countries attended the Growtech Fair last year; 125 visitors came from 53.640 different countries. The agricultural machinery industry is an export-oriented industry. It has an export volume of 1 billion dollars. We think that this export can be developed much more. While programming this fair, we met with the leading companies of the sector and non-governmental organizations. The impression we get is that our competitive power in export is actually high. However, companies are struggling to reach the international market. With the right organization, we took action to pave the way for the promotion and marketing activities of the agricultural machinery sector both in the local and international markets. We will create an opportunity for companies to reach international markets more easily.”


Noting that the Growmach Fair will also host many international events, Engin Er gave the following information: It will also host important international representatives of the private sector. Companies operating in the fields of tractor and equipment manufacturers, pre-harvest and post-harvest agricultural machinery, precision agriculture technologies and agricultural machinery, digital agriculture platforms and services will participate in the Growmach Fair. We made a rapid entry into the sector in a very short time with our professional approach and international perspective. We have already reached 3% of our targeted square meter area within 55 months of starting stand sales. The visitor profile of the fair is; It consists of agricultural producers, dealer candidates, distributors, agricultural business owners and foreign investors planning to invest in the Turkish agricultural sector.

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