In Which City Are the Prices of English Language Schools Affordable?

English language schools
English language schools

The Queen was replaced by the King. well in this case UK language school prices How was it affected?

You don't need to pull. You may have tried every way to learn English. Now I understand why you find yourself here. English is learned in England 🙂

You may think that it is not easy.

Let's act step by step, let's decide on the cities where you can study in England. Say what?

King Charles

London language schools

The first thing that comes to mind is different, of course. London language schools It is the first city that comes to mind when England is mentioned.

england double decker bus

This is the capital of the empire where the sun never sets. As a student, you will live at the top of not only education but also social life. A city that doesn't sleep 7/24. As such, the prices are a little higher than in other cities.

  • 4 weeks of language training starts from GBP 850.
  • 8 weeks of language training 1425 GBP.
  • 12 weeks of language training 2100 GBP.

When you make a week-to-week selection, the more multiple purchases you make, the more affordable the price will be.

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Manchester language schools

I'll tell you before you say it. Every city in England somehow comes to mind first. I am not kidding.

england stadium

If I say football, do you think of another city? Manchester language schools are the undisputed choice of football lovers.

Prices start from GBP 4 for 650 weeks of language training. 8 weeks of language training continues at 1140 GBP and 12 weeks at 1750 GBP. As you guessed, you can get the details with the help of Lemon Academy.

Brighton language schools

Brighton language schools

Now you think about what will come to your mind first. Let me tell. Night life. Maybe when you say nightlife, Ibiza or another place may have come. But Brighton is one of England's firsts. There are also those who shrink this city as a seaside town. It's not as small as a town, but it's definitely not an overly big city either. It is both a language education, a sea holiday and a city of entertainment.

Brighton language schools Starting at GBP 700 for four weeks of language training.

Cambridge language schools

Cambridge language schools

What comes to mind when you think of education? What if I say the most successful university? Isn't it Cambridge? I see you're not surprised. As I said, if I give words until morning, an English city will emerge from gold. If you're looking for a student city, it should definitely be Cambridge or Oxford.

Language tuition prices in Cambridge start from GBP 670 for four weeks. It is a suitable city compared to other cities. In this city, it is convenient not only for education, but also for transportation and eating and drinking expenses.

Cambridge language schools You can get detailed information from the link.

Oxford language schools

Cambridge and Oxford are the two best cities you can choose for education. You ask why? 70% of the population of these two cities are students. I am sure you will make different friends while studying here. I think it would be enough to say that it is one of the two best universities in the world.

Oxford language schools You can find detailed information from the link. Prices are very reasonable compared to other cities.

Birstol language schools

Those who see it are very similar to Eskişehir. A falling canal in almost every street of the city creates a visual feast. Europeans refer to this city as little Amsterdam. It is very close to Wales. It is also a port city. 10% of students from Turkey prefer Bristol. For this reason, those who want not to be Turkish students can choose this city.

For prices and details Bristol language schools you can click the link.

Eastbourne language schools

English city like Brighton, where you can study language on the one hand and take a summer vacation on the other. It should be preferred for the training programs that you will usually attend during the summer months. If you want to go in winter, you must love silence. It is the choice of those looking for a quiet route due to the low population of the city.

Eastbourne language schools Click on the link to see prices and details.

Liverpool language schools

Just like Manchester, the city of football. Another plus is the music. You know, this is the city of the world-famous band The Beatles. It is said that both football and music were born in this city. Then it became one of the cities where education was taken. Living costs may be more affordable than other cities.

Liverpool language schools Please click the link for detailed information.

Whichever city you prefer to study in, get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Don't worry: Lemon Academy, your family's educational advisor, will always be with you on your UK adventure.


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