Housing Demand Increases in Izmir; Prices Keep Rising

Housing Demand Increases in Izmir Prices Continue to Rise
Housing Demand Increases in İzmir; Prices Keep Rising

There is an explosion of demand for rental and sale residences in İzmir, which attracts domestic and international attention due to its living conditions, climate and transportation opportunities.

Karşıyaka Özlem Poyraz, Founder of Real Estate Service Partnership (GHO) Ege Gayrimenkul, serving in New Kyrenia, Karşıyaka, Ulukent, Koyundere, Menemen axis and the Urla, Karaburun, Cesme region of real estate sales and rentals, he said.

Stating that they provide professional services in land and housing sales, Poyraz said, “We have been providing solutions for both rental and sales for a year with my team of 5 people under the corporate roof of GHO. Together with experienced sales consultants, each of whom specializes in different regions, we produce fast solutions for individuals and institutions.


Pointing out that the northern axis of İzmir has seen a great demand for real estate investments recently, Özlem Poyraz said, “The main reasons for this are that the buildings are new, their transportation advantage and they have more affordable prices compared to the city center. People now find it difficult to reach the high prices in the city center. Prices have increased by up to 200 percent in the last year due to the ever-increasing construction input costs and the consequent decrease in the construction of houses. These prices seem to continue to increase. Investors especially headed to Ulukent, Koyundere and Menemen regions. People now prefer sites that are close to the city center, easy to access, and have no parking problems.


Poyraz said, “There are also requests from outside the city to İzmir. The Izmir – Istanbul highway shortened the distance between the two cities considerably. İzmir started to receive qualified immigration from white collar workers. On the other hand, investors from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Iraq also prefer Izmir to buy houses.

picture below (from left to right) Sezgin Çiloğlu, Kemal Bahşişoğlu, GHO General Manager Özkan Yalaza, Özlem Poyraz, Sevgi Acar, Zeki Şahin Şengönül, Serhan Erdogucular

Günceleme: 05/11/2022 12:09

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