Diesel 1 Lira 54 Kurus Discount Arrived

Diesel Lira Kurus Discount Arrived
Diesel 1 Lira 54 Kurus Discount Arrived

Fuel prices, which started to progress on an active ground after the increasing tension with the Russia-Ukraine war, continue to come up with the news of discounts and hikes. The current diesel price and the gasoline price began to be questioned. Diesel discount news, which will be effective as of Tuesday, November 15, 2022, took its place on the agenda. Well, how much was the price of diesel, how much is the price of gasoline, is there a discount, is there a raise? Fuel pump prices…

Diesel prices came down after about 1 month. After the decrease in international product prices, the liter price of diesel oil came to 15 TL with a discount of 1,54 TL, effective as of 24,84 November.

There was no change in the liter price of gasoline, which was 22,68 TL.

The liter price of gasoline at the beginning of the year is 12,91 TL; diesel was at the level of 12,76 TL. Since the beginning of the year, the price of diesel has been increased by 95 percent.

Fuel Pump Prices Updated!

The question of how much was the diesel price and gasoline price is being questioned for Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Request; Current list of fuel pump prices in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir…


Diesel price: 24,89 TL

Gasoline price: 22,83 TL

LPG price: 10,79 TL


Diesel price: 24,79 TL

Gasoline price: 22,68 TL

LPG price: 10,80 TL


Diesel price: 24,93 TL

Gasoline price: 22,84 TL

LPG price: 10,54 TL

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