Construction of 12 New Overpasses Started in Ankara

Construction of New Overpass Started in Ankara
Construction of 12 New Overpasses Started in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out works that prioritize the safety of life of pedestrians, continues its works on pedestrian overpasses with escalators and elevators, especially in areas with heavy vehicle traffic.

Department of Urban Aesthetics started the construction of 12 new overpasses, which will be modern and equipped with elevators.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of pedestrian overpasses so that citizens can safely cross the road in areas with heavy vehicle traffic.

The Department of Urban Aesthetics, which continues its pedestrian overpass works rapidly, aims to bring a total of 2023 new pedestrian overpasses to Ankara in 12.


ABB, which has implemented transportation projects designed to relieve urban traffic, one by one, increases the number of pedestrian overpasses day by day by prioritizing life safety in the Capital.

It is aimed to ensure the transportation safety of cyclists, disabled citizens and pedestrians who will use the overpasses and elevators on the streets where the traffic is fast and dense.

The points where the 2023 overpasses, which are planned to be put into service in 12, will be located within the scope of the continuous work of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality are as follows:

-Ayas-Ankara Road, pedestrian overpass in front of Başer Automotive

-Ayas-Ankara Road Pedestrian overpass in front of GIMSA Park

Pedestrian overpass in front of the Pursaklar Coca Cola Factory

-Overpass in front of Maltepe Bazaar on Celal Bayar Boulevard

-Ayas-Ankara Road 250th Street intersection pedestrian overpass

-Ayaş-Ankara Road Dökümcüler Industrial Site pedestrian overpass

Pedestrian overpass in front of Emirler Suburban Train station

-Pedestrian overpass in front of Ferda College

-Pedestrian overpass in front of Elvankent Suburban Train Station

-Pedestrian overpass in front of Yavuz Sultan Selim Secondary School in Çaldıran District

-Pedestrian overpass in front of Etlik Kardesler Cumhuriyet Secondary School

-Mevlana Boulevard, pedestrian overpass in front of Hyundai Ata Plaza


Head of the Department of Urban Aesthetics, Ahmet Turan Söylemez, who examined the overpass construction works in front of Maltepe Pazarı on Celal Bayar Boulevard, said, “We determined the places where traffic density and accident risk are high in Ankara and started the construction of a total of 12 pedestrian overpasses in these regions. We aim to complete all of the overpasses, which suit the modern appearance of our city, and where our pedestrians can safely continue their journey, within 2023.”

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