Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the Animation Industry in China

Celebrating the Birth of the Animation Sector in Cinde
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the Animation Industry in China

In 2022, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the animation industry in China is celebrated. For 100 years, the animation industry in China has come to this day, starting from scratch, developing from short to feature, from black and white to color, from silent to sound, from two-dimensional drawing to digital design.

In 1922, China's first animated commercial, Shu Zhendong Branded Chinese Typewriter, produced by two brothers named Wan, was released. This movie opened the curtain for the animation industry in China.

In 1941, China's first animated feature film, Princess Iron Fan, was released. As one of the classics in the burgeoning and flourishing stage of the animation industry in China, Princess Iron Fan has never gone unnoticed and continues to encourage many people to devote themselves to the making of Chinese national animation.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio was established in 1957. The studio produced more than 10 animated films in 200 years and laid the foundation for the animation industry of the People's Republic of China. From now on, a large number of Chinese artists began to pursue an independent artistic pursuit, using traditional cultural elements extensively in their creative activities.

In 1961, the animated film Tadpole Calling for His Mother, inspired by Chinese ink painting, was brought to the big screen. The film's production technique and visual style were given distinctive national features by making use of various traditional art elements, including ink painting, paper cutting, shadow play, New Year's painting and engraving. In addition to the Tadpole Calling for His Mother, the Magic Pen, which uses the puppet element in the design of the images and movements of the characters, the Golden Sea Shell inspired by the techniques of cutting paper art such as cutting and carving, the Monkey that brings together elements such as the folkloric New Year's painting, temple and buddha statue in Chinese history. King of.

At the turn of the 21st century, the Chinese government has enacted support policies for the development of the animation industry. Since 2008, the production of animated films shown on television channels in China has increased year by year. By 2011, the total length of annual animated films reached 261 minutes. Like this. China became the world's first.

However, due to the excessive pursuit of the number of animated films and the lack of progress in areas such as culture and aesthetics, bubbles arose in the animation industry. The problem of how to revive the animation industry in China has become the focus of industry workers and viewers.

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