Explanation About the Zoning Plan in Urla Iskele Neighborhood

An Explanation About the Zoning Plan in Urla Iskele Neighborhood
Explanation About the Zoning Plan in Urla Iskele Neighborhood

The criticisms and claims regarding the zoning plans approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council regarding an area in the İskele Mahallesi of Urla district are completely groundless and baseless. The issue consists of the re-validation of the zoning plan made 38 years ago as a result of the lowering of the SIT level in the region by the Conservation Regional Board. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is not the party or the cause of the discussion. However, we believe that some details should be shared so that the subject can be understood more clearly by the public.

Regarding the aforementioned area (1984- 4392- 4393- 4396- 4397- 4398- 4399- 4400- 4401- 4402- 4403- 4404- 4405- 4406- 4407- 4384- 4385- 4386 islands), which was approved by İller Bank for the first time in 4387 The parcels in the plan remain in the use of "Private Housing Area". Following this plan, Urla Municipality completed the zoning practices and created a zoning parcel.

However, this area was registered as a 1st Degree Archaeological Site by the Conservation Regional Board in the same year. Thus, the zoning plan in the parcels was abolished, and the construction practices were stopped as per the law. In the zoning plans prepared afterwards, the parcels were planned as 1st Degree Archaeological Site. This decision was also continued in the 1/25000 scale Environmental Plan approved by our Municipality.

With the decision taken on 22.12.2017, the Conservation Regional Board lowered the site grade of the area and declared it a 3rd Degree Archaeological Site. It was stated that no cultural data were found in the area in the archaeological soundings opened in this context.

In the relevant plan provision of the 1/100000 scale Environmental Plan; It is stated that in case the protection status is removed from the areas declared as sites while there is a zoning plan, new zoning plans can be prepared by considering the zoning plans before the site declaration.

51 decares of the total 35 decare planning area has been the subject of changes in the site scope.

The plan amendment proposal submitted to our Municipality by the person concerned was evaluated by considering the upper scale plan provisions, the presence of a zoning plan in the area before the site decision, the completion of the zoning applications, the ratio of the equipment areas left to the public to be 55%, and it was found appropriate by our Assembly. In other words, the plan in 1984 became valid again.

The 1/25.000 scale Environmental Plan Plan Amendment was approved on 07.11.2022, and it was suspended and announced between 18.11.2022 and 19.12.2022.

The 1/5.000 scale Wharf Conservation Master Development Plan was sent to the Regional Conservation Board for evaluation on 01.11.2022. If the Conservation Regional Board approves the plan, the approval process of the plan can be completed.

As can be seen, the process, all stages of which have been mentioned above, proceeded completely within the legal framework and independently of personal evaluations.

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