The 6-Century-Year-Old Great Mosque Will Be Safely Transported to the Future

Centennial Ulu Mosque to be Safely Moved to the Future
The 6-Century-Year-Old Great Mosque Will Be Safely Transported to the Future

The transport systems of the 5-year-old Ulu Mosque, which is considered to be one of the symbolic works of Bursa and the 600th largest temple of the Islamic world, are under scrutiny to ensure that it can be safely transported to the future.

The Great Mosque, which was built between 4 and 1396 by Yıldırım Beyazıt, the 1400th sultan of the Ottoman Empire, as a tribute to the Niğbolu Victory, and which has been the center of attention of local and foreign tourists for more than 600 years as the symbol of the city, is getting ready for the next centuries. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has saved the Historical Bazaar and Inns Area, which includes the Ulu Mosque, from the surrounding buildings and is preparing to give the region a qualified square, is now focusing on the Ulu Mosque. Common sense stepped in to safely transport the Great Mosque, whose 1855 domes collapsed in the 18 earthquake, to the future. With the protocol signed between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Uludağ University, Foundations Regional Directorate and Chamber of Civil Engineers, the structural system features of the Ulu Mosque will be examined in a scientific framework.

Will be passed on to future generations

The protocol prepared for the survival of Bursa's most important city ornament in the coming centuries, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Uludağ University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. It was signed between Adem Doğangün, Foundations Regional Manager Haluk Yıldız and President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Ülkü Küçükkayalar. Expressing that every corner of Bursa is a treasure trove of values, Mayor Aktaş said, “These values ​​attract the attention of all domestic and foreign tourists visiting Bursa. One of these values ​​is the Ulu Mosque, one of the most important symbols of Bursa. As it is known, the Great Mosque was built by Beyazid I between 1-1396. Ulu Mosque, one of the most important historical heritages of Bursa; With its twenty-domed structure, it is the largest mosque in Turkey. Our mosque was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1400 and its eighteen domes collapsed. This important historical heritage of ours has survived to the present day after undergoing a major repair after the earthquake. Our goal is to safely transfer this work, which was completed in 1855, to future generations. Within the scope of the protocol; A commission will be established for the necessary information, documents, academic and technical support for the determination of the carrier system of the Great Mosque and the evaluation of the analyzes in accordance with the 1400 Turkish building earthquake regulations, and the studies will be carried out by this commission. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we undertake the financial responsibility of the geology-geophysical studies within the scope of the project. Of course, our citizens should rest in peace; The analysis studies planned to be carried out will not cause any physical intervention in the mosque. As I mentioned at the beginning, our aim is to ensure that this unique historical heritage continues its existence for many years and is passed on to future generations.”

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