2023 Budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Adopted

Budget of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Approved
2023 Budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Adopted

The 2023 budget proposals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and affiliated institutions and organizations were accepted in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci answered the questions and criticisms of the deputies in the meetings of the Ministry's 2023 budget at the Parliamentary Plan Budget Committee.

Kirişci made the following evaluations regarding the discussion that agricultural supports should not be less than 1 percent of GDP:

“What is mentioned here as agricultural support, 2022 billion liras for 39,2, 2023 billion liras for 54 cannot be taken into account alone. Because the policy followed by the Turkish Grain Board regarding purchases, the loans we have made available through Ziraat Bank, and many issues from irrigation investments to land consolidation are included in this. If recalled, according to the OECD 2022 Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Report, the ratio of resources allocated to agriculture to GDP for 2021 was estimated as 1,15 percent in our country. Despite the impact of the global epidemic and the consequences of the global economic contraction, this rate is well above the OECD average of 0,61 percent. With the 2023 budget, it will not be surprising that the resource allocated to agriculture from GDP will be positively updated in the upcoming period.”

Referring to the criticisms about the number of farmers, Kirişci stated that there has not been a decrease in the number of farmers and the planted area over the years, and pointed out that this is confirmed by the increase in agricultural output.

Kirişci used the following statements about the farmer's bank debt:

“While 2002 thousand farmers used the agricultural loans provided by Ziraat Bank in 77, 2022 farmers used them in 435. While the return rate of loans was 2002 percent in 37,8, it became 2022 percent in 99,4. As of September 2022, 753 farmers have a total debt of 153,8 billion liras. As of September 2022, 180 percent of 85 billion lira agricultural credit is subsidized. The interest rate cut is around 70 percent on average. The application of the subsidy here is an important support to the farmers during the period of 80 percent inflation.”

Regarding the farmers who have become passive in the records of the Chamber of Agriculture, Kirişci said, “The arrangements we made in the Farmer Registration System regulation aimed to reduce bureaucracy in the application process and conditions. In our regulation, there is no expression against being a member of chambers of agriculture.” said.


Kirişci stated that the lands to be allocated for the agreement between Turkey and Sudan could not be allocated due to the change of government and the pandemic in Sudan, so no payment was made for land lease.

Kirişci said, “We want the whole world to benefit from the experience of the agricultural sector in Turkey.” gave the answer.


Referring to the claims that Turkey is the country that imports the most foodstuffs, Kirişci underlined that Turkey is a net exporter of agricultural and food products.

Kirişci said that in 2021, 25 billion dollars of exports were made and 7 billion dollars of foreign trade surplus was given, and that it is unfair to say that "no production is carried out" for the country with a population of 2002 million now and 85 million tourists compared to 50.

Stating that Turkey is a self-sufficient country in wheat production, Kirişci emphasized that export-based imports are made in wheat and lentils. Kirişci stated that Turkey ranks first in the world in wheat flour exports.

Stressing that Turkey ranks 2nd in world chickpea production and 3rd in export, Kirişci announced that chickpea production is expected to be 2022 thousand tons in 22 with an increase of 580 percent compared to the previous year.

On the subject of food supply security, Kirişci drew attention to the establishment of the "Department of Supply Security" in the ministry.


Kirişci noted that the production record of all time in cotton production is expected to be 2 million 750 thousand tons of unseed cotton.

Pointing out that the world fiber cotton price, which reached $2021 per kilogram in the 2022-3,6 period, decreased to $2022 in October 2,1, Kirişci said, “In order for the price decrease in the global markets not to adversely affect our producers, diesel and fertilizer support was 2021 liras per decare in 76, while it was 2022 liras per decare in 3,6. We increased it by 271 times to 1100 liras per decare. In addition, the difference payment of XNUMX TL per ton is paid as support to our seed cotton producers.” used his statements.

Kirişci noted that the production record of all time was broken in olives and that olive production reached 2022 million 71 thousand tons in 2 with an increase of 976 percent compared to the previous year.

Emphasizing that the production record of all time was broken in sunflower, Kirişci said that there was a decrease in the prices of this product in the world, and in this context, the support to the producers in Turkey was increased.

Pointing out that the low yield in tea is not caused by the use of fertilizers, but by climatic conditions, Kirişci gave the following answer to the questions about fertilizer and diesel:

“Fertilizer support unit prices were increased by 130 percent to 163 percent on product basis. Diesel support was increased between 130 percent and 395 percent, according to product groups, in line with increasing costs. While 2002 liters of diesel was purchased for 1 ton of wheat in 210, 2022 liters of diesel fuel began to be purchased as of October 265.”


Kirişci's criticisms that the cheap barley sales of TMO did not reach its goal, said, “Direct barley sales are made to our producers below the market prices. Our manufacturers often express their satisfaction with this application. Our sales will continue until the new season.” replied.

Kirişci said, “The allegation that the General Directorate of Forestry sells logs for 155 liras and that the logs produced from the burned forest areas are sold for 735 Euros in the market is absolutely not true. In addition, it has not been sold to any foreign company as real estate.” used the phrases.

Regarding the support given to hazelnut production, Minister Kirişci said that the production costs and prices of hazelnuts are followed closely and that it is out of question for the producers to market their products below the costs.

Kirişci answered the question regarding sugar import as follows:

“During the term of our government, domestic sugar demand was met by domestic sugar production. In order to prevent the speculative supply and price movements in the domestic market due to the food crisis in the world caused by the Russia-Ukraine War and the pandemic, only confectionery exporters and producers were allowed to import. This permit expired on 15 October. The new season sugar production started in September and 2,6 million tons of sugar will be produced and domestic demand will be met.”

Reminding that 3 thousand sheep and goats were exported in the last 142 months, Kirişci emphasized that only 14 percent of this was carried out to Qatar and said, “Export authorization is given to farmers with registered animals on their behalf. The claim that the intermediaries won and sold only to Qatar is not true.” he said.

Minister Kirişci stated that, with a decision taken by the Ministry of Transport regarding the passages in the Bosphorus, on November 5, it is out of question to allow or allow fishing in any way other than the supervision and surveillance of the Ministry, and said, “There is only ship transit. activities will be carried out.” said.

The 2023 budgets of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and affiliated institutions and organizations were accepted in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

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