16 Athletes Will Represent Turkey in European Cross Country Championships

Athlete Will Represent Turkey in European Cross Country Championship
16 Athletes Will Represent Turkey in European Cross Country Championships

The 16-person Turkish Cross Country Team, which will compete in the European Cross Country Championship in Turin, has been determined. Athletes who will wear the crescent-star jersey at the European Cross Country Championships to be held at La Mandria Park in Turin on 11 December have been announced. As a result of the technical evaluation made after the Turkish Cross Country Championship in Adana, Turkey's 16-man Torino team emerged.

In the crescent-star team, European champion star athlete Yasemin Can will fight for the fifth European Cross Country gold. Can broke new ground in the history of the championship by winning the big women's race four years in a row between 2016-19. Turkish champion Özlem Kaya-Alıcı, former European U20 Cross Country champion Emine Hatun Tuna-Mechaal and Sabriye Güzelyurt also take part in the big women's team.

Aras Kaya, the runner-up of last year and the gold medalist of 2016 and 2019, will once again fight for the championship. Turkey's champions Ramazan Baştuğ, Sezgin Aras and Ersin Tekal will play in Turkey's big men's team, which also aims to play on the podium in the team.

Apart from adults, Turkey will compete as a team in the U20 age group, and an athlete will compete in U23.

The Nationals have won 2013 gold, 22 silver and 10 bronze medals in European Cross Country, where they have not returned without a medal since 15. Turkey will host the championship, which will be held in Brussels next year, in Antalya in 2024.


U20 Women: Ayça Fidanoğlu, Edibe Yağız, Pelinsu Şahin, Sıla Ata
U20 Men: Enbiya Yazici, Ismail Tasyurek, Taner Tunctan, Utku Goler
U23 Men: Ramazan Bastug
U23 Women: Sabriye Guzelyurt
Big Men: Aras Kaya, Ersin Tekal, Sezgin Atac
older women: Özlem Kaya-Alıcı, Yasemin Can, Emine Hatun Mechaal

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