Women in Avcılar Go Digital with Producing Hands Project

In Hunters, Women Go Digital with Producing Hands Project
Women in Avcılar Go Digital with Producing Hands Project

Women entrepreneurs participating in the “Producing Hands” project in Avcılar are going digital. With the training program organized under the leadership of Avcılar Municipality, women's participation in production and employment processes is supported. Entrepreneurial women who attended the 3-week training received their certificates from the Mayor of Avcılar, Turan Hançerli.

“Producing Hands”

Avcılar Municipality, which supports women with gender equality and many works for women, has signed another project. Avcılar Municipality, JCI | Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association Eurasia Branch, ICF Turkey | The "Producing Hands Project" was launched in cooperation with the International Coaching Federation. In the project, which supports the participation of women in production and employment processes; training, coaching and mentoring processes took place in order to maximize their personal and professional development. Avcılar Municipality for 3 Weeks | The women who attended the trainings at the Applied Solution and Innovation Center received their certificates from the Mayor of Avcılar, Turan Hançerli.

“We are always on the side of women”

Hançerli made a speech in the certificate program attended by the Republican People's Party 12th and 13th Term Women's Branch Chairperson and CHP Chairperson Advisor Fatma Köse; “This project made me very excited and happy. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to the project. The greatest energy of such events comes from voluntary non-governmental organizations, and I would like to thank all our stakeholders. Our team is incredibly beautiful and doing good work, because they do it from the heart. When it is done from the heart, highly qualified and high-quality works emerge. These services are not paid for. These are voluntary works to touch women and build the future of this country. This work, this effort is not only for women to achieve equality, this work is for making Turkey happier, more peaceful, stronger, more fair and egalitarian. The grass does not grow where there is no equality and justice. Equality and justice will be in women's lives so that a stronger, happier and more beautiful Turkey will be. There is something very special about this work; When women's labor is mentioned, handicraft-like works come to mind first, this working group will eliminate these perceptions. This certification program is a beginning, not an end. We will always continue to be with your women. I wish you continued success.”

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