What is a Governor, What Does He Do, How to Become? Governor Salaries 2022

What is a Governor
What is a Governor, What Does He Do, How to Become Governor Salaries 2022

The governor is the person appointed to administer the provinces. The governors represent the presidents at the head of the provinces. Persons located in the province and assigned by the ministries work under the command of the governor. Some members of the judiciary and military personnel in the judge and judge class are not under the command of the governor. In addition, the governors are at the head of the law enforcement forces and are the head of the organization in the province.

What Does the Governor Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Governor; It is responsible for disseminating and implementing laws, presidential decrees, decree laws and legislation. They can issue general orders with the authority they receive from the relevant legal regulations. Apart from this, the duties and responsibilities of the governors are listed as follows;

  • Dealing with the administration of the province as an administrative chief,
  • To make inspections of state institutions, businesses and workplaces,
  • To ensure public order and peace by preventing crime by giving orders and directives to law enforcement officers,
  • To temporarily or permanently change the location of the gendarmerie, police, customs guard and other special law enforcement forces in the province when necessary,
  • To supervise the special provincial administration and to carry out studies to meet the common needs of the people of the province,
  • To prepare the budget of the special provincial administration.

Requirements to Become a Governor

Those who want to be governors must first graduate from faculties of universities such as Economics and Administrative Sciences, Law or Business Administration, which provide 4-year education, and be successful in the Ministry of Interior Governor Candidacy Entrance Exam. The district governor or other Ministry of Internal Affairs employees who have gained the necessary experience are recommended as governors by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the appointment takes place with the decision of the Council of Ministers and the approval of the President. In addition, employees of the General Directorate of Security serving under the Ministry of Interior can also be appointed as governors.

Governor Salaries 2022

Governors are known as the highest civil authority in a city. For this reason, their salaries are higher than that of many public institution personnel. However, governors can also benefit from raises like other civil servants. With the latest hikes, the salary of governors has been increased from 22407 TL to 29247 TL.

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