What is the Gold Saving System? How does it work? How to Deposit Gold at Home in the Bank?

What is the Gold Savings System and How it Works How to Deposit the Gold in the Bank at Home
What is the Gold Savings System How it Works How to Deposit the Gold in the Bank at Home

Apart from the financial system, the gold, which is usually kept "under the pillow" at home and among the people, participates in the economy with the Gold Saving System. Those who include their gold in this system can make their investments safely and easily. In this way, they avoid risks such as theft and loss.

What is the Gold Saving System?

The Gold Savings System is a project of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Within the scope of the project, the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are offered the opportunity to evaluate their gold in many ways.

The Gold Savings System helps citizens to include their gold in the economy whenever they wish, without waiting for the gold collection days organized by banks, to store their savings in a safe place and to invest through the account type they want.

How Does the Gold Saving System Work?

The gold system in question includes different forms of sub-savings. It is possible to rank them as follows:

  • ​ Mint Quarter Gold System,
  • ONSA Gold Acceptance System,
  • Rare Metal Refinery,
  • AHLATCI Gold Generation Model,
  • Jeweler Gold Valuation System,
  • Bank Gold Valuation System.

In line with the above options, citizens can include their gold in the system as they wish. By examining these projects, it is possible to physically protect the gold in a safe place or to use it as an investment tool.

For example, in the Mint Quarter Gold System, citizens can safely store their physical savings (in quarter, half, full, two-and-a-half and five-fifth types) and get back their newly minted gold of the same physical gold type whenever they want.

On the other hand, with the Gold Savings System, citizens do not pay any expense when evaluating their gold, and the Minimum Million Values ​​to be Used in the Valuation of Scrap Gold, determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, are used in the scrap gold valuation processes in order to prevent the citizens from experiencing unjust treatment. This scale is taken into account both in the valuations made in jewelers and in valuations in banks.

How to Deposit Gold at Home in the Bank?

Within the Gold Savings System, citizens can easily deposit their gold directly into the banks of their choice.

In this system, also known as Bank ADS, citizens have to physically go to a branch of one of the contracted banks in order to evaluate the gold.

The authorized gold valuation specialist at the bank branch receives the savings in the form of gold or jewelry and makes valuations.

At the end of the valuation, after both parties agree, the minutes are signed and the gold valuation expert deposits the gold into the account.

In this system, citizens who want to evaluate gold in different ways can easily open the account of that product and start trading.

Is It Profitable To Open A Gold Account In The Bank?

Opening gold accounts at the bank is a profitable step for both reliability, follow-up and ease of transaction. As a matter of fact, since gold account holders can trade directly over the gram price, they also make a profit in these transactions.

For those who want to have a gold account, there are two different options: forward and demand.

In the demand gold account, the account holder has an area where he can safely store his savings and liquidate it when necessary.

Time deposit account holders can benefit from both the price difference and the interest income.

What is Jeweler's Gold Valuation System (KAD-SIS)?

Established by Istanbul Gold Refinery; The system that enables jewellery, processed or scrap gold to be collected and evaluated every day of the week through contracted jewelers and safely transferred to the bank account is called the Jeweler Gold Valuation System.

These contracted jewelers, called Gold Evaluation Points, must be authorized by the Ministry of Commerce as a "jewelry business" and confirmed by the refinery they are involved in.

Citizens who want to use this system should have a demand gold deposit account in one of the contracted banks.

With the Jeweler's Gold Valuation System, citizens can learn the weight values ​​of the gold they hold and deposit their 24-carat equivalent into their bank accounts.

Facilitating trading, accumulation and investment, KAD-SIS operates as follows:

  • He should go to a jeweler included in KAD-SIS; You must read and sign the Customer Information Form.
  • You can log in to the system with the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone from KAD-SİS.
  • Then, the confirmation code to be sent by the bank where you have a demand gold account and where the gold is desired to be deposited needs to be entered into the system.
  • Counting and evaluation of the gold delivered under camera recording is done.
  • Upon agreement with the jeweler on the amount in return for gold, the gold is transferred to the bank account via KAD-SIS.
  • At the end of these stages, the Delivery-Receipt report is signed and the gold is transferred to the account with the approval of the bank via SMS.

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