What is Acoustic Panel?

What is Acoustic Panel
What is Acoustic Panel

Acoustic panel is one of the sound insulation products designed to provide sound insulation and produced with special sound absorbing materials and in decorative form. This sound insulation application is used both to provide sound insulation and to have a decorative appearance in living spaces. acoustic panels It is produced in two different types as fabric and wood coated.

Acoustic panels produced with quality materials provide maximum sound insulation and help individuals to have an aesthetic appearance in their living spaces. acoustic panel applications; It can be used easily on floors, ceilings and walls. The main purpose of this application is to prevent the transfer of sounds in one environment to another area.

Acoustic panel applications; It is frequently used in public areas such as entertainment centers, sports halls, theater buildings, especially in personal areas such as homes, workplaces, offices. This sound insulation application is a preferred application for many areas today. One of the reasons why this sound insulation application is preferred so often is the aesthetic appearance it provides.

Acoustic panels are produced with a core material that has sound absorption, and this feature prevents sound from spreading in the air and provides sound insulation. This product, which has a resistant structure against impacts and fires, varies according to the area it will be used. acoustic panels can be used as decorative objects placed on the panel or ceiling.

Acoustic Panel Usage Areas

The usage areas of acoustic panels, which provide sound insulation in the areas where they are used and help prevent noise pollution, are spread over a wide area. This application helps to provide communication more clearly and with this feature, it is frequently preferred in offices and workplaces.

This sound insulation application can be easily used in many areas where collective communication is at the forefront. The acoustic panel prevents the echoes that occur as a result of the sound waves hitting the objects. In this way, it performs sound insulation in the most effective way. The usage areas of acoustic panels, which also have an aesthetic appearance in the areas where they are used, are as follows;

  • Hotels
  • Congresses
  • Movie Theaters
  • auditoriums
  • gyms
  • wedding halls
  • opera houses
  • Offices and workplaces
  • conference rooms
  • Schools
  • universities
  • Hospitals
  • call centers
  • Passenger ships
  • ferries
  • Radio and television studios
  • Theaters

Which Materials Are Used in Acoustic Panel Construction?

Acoustic panels are produced with quality materials and thus they cause maximum performance in sound insulation. Many sound insulation materials are used in the construction of this application, which offers both sound insulation and prevents noise pollution.

The materials used in the construction of acoustic panels have a structure that is resistant to wear and fire. Acoustic panels produced for sound insulation are produced using materials such as glass wool, rock wool and sponge. The outer parts of the panels are designed using materials such as fabric, wood or felt. While making these designs, the wishes of the customers are also taken into consideration and personalized designs can be made.

What are the Features of Fabric Panel?

Acoustic fabric panels are a sound insulation product that is preferred for sound insulation and is among the acoustic panel models. This product, which has an aesthetic appearance as a decorative, has many models and color options. acoustic fabric panels; fabric surfaces are resistant to many effects such as fading and burning.

This sound insulation application helps to make the sound simpler and more understandable and to establish communication in that environment in the clearest way. This product is frequently preferred in areas such as congress and meeting centers where many people come together and communication becomes important. This product, which has many different colors and models, is also highly preferred in home sound insulation with this feature.

The features of this sound insulation product include its durable structure. This model, which is resistant to fire and impacts, provides users with long-lasting use. At the same time, this model is designed in the desired color and size according to the wishes of the people. The application of acoustic fabric panels, which are produced with materials that are not harmful to health, are also made by means of special lubricants.

If you are looking for a product that will provide a good sound insulation and decorative appearance for your living spaces, you can benefit from acoustic panels and have the sound insulation you need easily.

You can find all the information about acoustic panels, which are among the sound insulation services offered by Akustik Kontrol, by visiting the Acoustic Control website. At the same time, you want to have by using the contact addresses on the website. acoustic panel You can decide on the model and create your order in a short time.


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