What is a Babysitter, What Does She Do, How to Become? Babysitter Salaries 2022

What is a Babysitter What Do They Do How To Become Babysitter Salaries
What is a Babysitter, What Do They Do, How to Become Babysitter Salaries 2022

A babysitter can be defined as a person who takes care of children from different age groups and takes care of them. People who take on the responsibility of looking after children are also called nannies. The question of what is a babysitter can be answered as a person who meets the needs of children by going to homes and staying in bed or during certain hours. Nannies have similar functions as babysitters. The question of who is a nanny can be answered as the person who takes care of a family's child and family affairs. In order to better understand the answer to the question of who is called a nanny, it is necessary to learn the duties and responsibilities of the profession.

What Does a Babysitter / Nanny Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Caregivers who take care of children have a variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities vary according to the children they are dealing with. Answers can be given to the question of what the babysitter does, such as changing the diapers and feeding the babies. The babysitter prepares the babies' food and puts them to sleep when they are sleepy. Caregivers are also responsible for contributing to the development of children in addition to their basic needs. Therefore, the babysitter also provides important support during the toilet training of the baby. It is among the duties and responsibilities of the caregiver to keep the baby clean so that it does not get sick. It is also the duty of the caregiver to clean up the mess around while caring for the child. Caregivers are also responsible for solving problems that arise at home while taking care of children. The caregivers take care of the child between the hours requested by the family. For the question of who is a babysitter, the answer can be given to the person who helps the children meet their needs during working hours. Since families cannot take care of their children for various reasons, they leave this responsibility to caregivers. In case of need, the person in the position of caregiver; takes the child's bath, reads a book to the child and ensures that his room is cleaned. Provides caregiver nutrition for kindergarten-aged or older children. He goes with them wherever the children go. He can pick up or drop the child off at school. Helps children with their lessons. Caregivers should also create the necessary social conditions for children to have fun and be able to play with children. Caregivers can contribute to their development by transferring their knowledge to the child. The caregiver who speaks a foreign language can also give lessons for the child to learn a foreign language. That's why caregivers teach children using the knowledge they have.

The question of who is the nanny can be answered by the person who takes the responsibility of taking care of the children by taking the general responsibilities of the house. People who take care of children usually do this job during certain hours. The caregiver finishes caring for the children and can leave home when the family arrives, completing their work. The nanny's responsibilities may also include meeting the needs of the house, such as cleaning. Nannies are the general employee of the family. Therefore, it also plans the activities, education and social development of children's lives. Whether the person responsible for the children will take the other responsibilities of the house or not may vary depending on the demands of the family they work with. If understood, cooking or cleaning the house may also be among the duties of the caregiver, but these are not the main duties. Nannies are usually those who work on a regular basis. The start and end times of work are often fixed. It fulfills the wishes of the children or the wishes of the families for the children during working hours. They can also do the shopping for the house in case of demand.

What Education Is Required to Become a Babysitter / Nanny?

Those responsible for caring for children use a variety of knowledge and skills. The question of how to become a babysitter can be answered by taking training from the courses. There is no need for a special education to take care of children. It is still possible to attend courses to gain the necessary skills to care for children. Universities or private course centers have training for childcare at home. The content and scope of the trainings vary, but they are usually given to children between 0-36 months and 36-72 months. The trainings include topics such as how children's free time can be used and what they can do for their development. There is a child development department for those who want to get professional education and have extensive knowledge about children. Child development department is given formally as associate and undergraduate education in universities. In 2-year or 4-year training courses, in addition to courses in sociology and psychology, lessons on child development are also given. The content of the training includes detailed topics such as what pediatric diseases are and how children should be fed. Therefore, those who have completed the child development department can provide professional care for children. Child development department can also be read remotely through Anadolu University. In this way, people who want to improve themselves while dealing with child care can take distance education for the child development department. The question of what to do to be a babysitter can be answered by receiving the necessary training and applying for a job. You can get a certificate when you complete the courses given in this field. When choosing a caregiver, parents may require certificates showing their education. For this reason, course certificates are among the documents required to become a babysitter. The diploma obtained when graduating from the department of child development can also be shown among the necessary documents. Similar answers can be given to the question of how to become a nanny. Nanny people can also get the necessary training for babysitting by attending seminars, courses and studying child development. The names nanny and babysitter can be used interchangeably. That's why the nanny and babysitter do the same job, but there may be slight differences between them. The difference is that nannies work regularly, while caregivers can work hourly. Other than that, both can be defined as those who take care of children. People who think about what to do to be a nanny can read about children. It is also important that people who will work with children have a good command of child psychology.

What are the Requirements to Become a Babysitter / Nanny?

The conditions necessary for a profession working with children are primarily to have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. The conditions differ as they are set by the families. In general, the characteristics that caregivers should have are as follows:

  • Be patient
  • Ability to communicate well with children
  • To have knowledge about child development
  • Be Reliable
  • take responsibility
  • To be careful

Persons who will take care of children should be patient with professional difficulties. Caregivers should establish good communication with children, as children can present difficulties at times. Families value reliability in caregivers. For this reason, it is generally required to be reliable for people who will be employed as caregivers. Children may fall to the ground and enter dangerous environments. Therefore, the caregiver who will take care of a child should also be careful. People with these characteristics can meet the requirements to be a caregiver. Terms may also include training and documentation. Documents required to become a nanny include certificates. The certificates you have show that you have knowledge about children. Depending on your professional experience, you can babysit children without any documents. The advantage of documents is that they increase your chances of being preferred and show that you have knowledge.

What are the Babysitter / Nanny Recruitment Requirements?

People who want to work as a babysitter can work with many families by getting a job. Caregivers can work with children from different age groups according to their experience and knowledge. Therefore, it is possible to work with any family that has a child and is looking for a caregiver. People who want to do this job can examine the babysitter job postings in detail. Recruitment conditions vary. Families may decide to hire caregivers they find competent and can trust. Most families prefer to interview because they will be working with children. Therefore, after applying for a job, you can be interviewed to be recruited. The interview may ask about the caregiver's previous experience, salary expectation, and skills. Babysitter salaries vary according to working hours and employer. Another factor affecting nanny salaries is the age group of the child to be worked with. People who apply for a job and whose interview is positive can start working if they can agree on the terms. Among the recruitment requirements, references may also be requested from caregivers. If there are families they have worked with before, nannies can get reference letters from these families and deliver them to the new family they will work with. People who want to work as a nanny can review the job postings on Kariyer.net. You can also make your searches by specifying the city you want to work in. For example, if you live in the Ankara region, you can browse the Ankara nanny job postings.

Babysitter Salaries 2022

The positions they work and the average salaries of those working in the position of Babysitter / Nanny as they progress in their careers are the lowest 5.680 TL, the average 7.110 TL, the highest 11.660 TL

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