What Are the Symptoms of Vertigo?

Vertigo Symptoms
Vertigo Symptoms

Stating that the symptoms of vertigo are dizziness and loss of balance, ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Rahimi made evaluations about the symptoms and treatment methods of the disease. Stating that vertigo, also known as dizziness, is also defined as loss of balance and drowsiness, ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said, “A patient in this situation sees the world spinning and completely loses his balance. It can be seen as shaking or dizziness, especially when moving, walking or even resting," he said.

Kiss. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said that the symptom of vertigo is dizziness and continued as follows:

“This dizziness can be seen with many things. It can manifest itself with ringing in the ear, pressure in the ear, vomiting and different symptoms. Various problems can be experienced in vertigo depending on the severity of the disease. If the person is experiencing a mild vertigo, they feel a slight shaking. However, a very severe vertigo causes the person to not even get out of bed and to vomit constantly. Nausea, vomiting, and abnormal eye movements and sweating may accompany vertigo. Hearing loss and tinnitus may be observed. Vision problems, difficulty in walking and changes in consciousness may accompany the picture.

Kiss. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi emphasized that infections and allergies pave the way for the formation of inner ear diseases and said that they can negatively affect the patient's life.

Saying that the underlying cause should be found for the treatment of vertigo, Rahimi said, “Various treatment methods are applied according to the patient's discomfort. The patient sometimes goes to the hospital with very severe symptoms and regains his health by using various drugs under the control of a doctor. The important thing here is to investigate what different disorders are under the disease. The patient is examined in several sections. These sections are; ear, nose and throat, neurology, internal medicine and cardiology departments. After being examined in these departments, the cause of the discomfort is determined and the appropriate treatment process is started for the patient.

Expressing that vertigo occurs as a feeling in children, NPİSTANBUL Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi concluded his statement as follows:

“It is very important for the child to describe and describe the dizziness he experiences. First of all, it should be contacted with pediatric neurology and treated by ENT specialists and pediatricians with the guidance of the specialist. Various medications are prescribed to treat dizziness. However, these studies and all of these treatments take place after the tests. The patient experiencing dizziness should relax a bit before giving the assays. Because the analyzes can be long term”

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