What You Didn't Know About Breast Milk

Unknown About Breast Milk
What You Didn't Know About Breast Milk

Acıbadem Dr. Sinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Pınar Atılkan talked about 'breast milk', which is believed to be true in the society, and made important suggestions and warnings.

Dr. Pınar Atılkan made a statement about the information that is believed to be correct and its truth. Atılkan stated that the perception that the baby is crying because of the lack of milk is wrong, on the contrary, every mother has enough milk for her baby.

Stating that the belief that milk is of poor quality due to its watery and light color is wrong, Atılkan said that colostrum, which is a dark yellow and dense milk that supports the immune system of the baby, has this appearance due to its content.

Dr. Pınar Atılkan, emphasizing that the baby needs breast milk when additional food is introduced, said, “The basic food should be 8-70% breast milk until the 80th month. As the baby grows, the amount of breast milk changes. For example, after 9-12 months, half of the nutrients should be provided from breast milk and half from complementary foods. Complementary feeding should be continued with breast milk until the age of 2 years. said.

Emphasizing that the amount and quality of milk is independent of the size of the breast, Atılkan said for mothers who are mistaken that 'my breast is too small, so my milk may be low'. used his statements.

If possible, the baby should not be fed with a bottle for the first 4-6 weeks, except in mandatory situations. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Pınar Atılkan said, “Even if a bottle is mandatory for feeding, the mother should still breastfeed her baby. Because, in addition to its vital benefits, the baby is fed more frequently because breast milk is digested much more easily.” he said.

Breast milk is enough for twin babies. In fact, mothers can even feed their twin babies simultaneously. Various breastfeeding positions are recommended for this. Atılkan reminded that the perception of mothers who do not have enough milk for twin babies is wrong.

Finally, making a statement for mothers who say 'if I give formula, my baby will sleep better and gain more weight', Dr. Pinar Atılkan said:

“Breast milk is much easier to digest. For this reason, breastfed babies sleep more peacefully and gain more weight. They also feel secure because they bond with the mother.”

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