Training Teachers to 'Notice Every Child'

Training for Teachers to Notice Every Child
Training Teachers to 'Notice Every Child'

Approximately 190 thousand teachers were reached within the scope of the "Teacher Training on the Evaluation of Development and Learning" project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and UNICEF. The trainings with the theme of “noticing every child” were made accessible to all preschool and primary school teachers through the Teacher Information Network ÖBA.

In order to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills for teachers and students' development and assessment practices, approximately 190 thousand teachers were reached in the "Teacher Training on the Evaluation of Development and Learning" project, implemented in cooperation with the General Directorate of Teacher Training and Development and UNICEF. With the project, trainers were trained for 2 classroom and pre-school teachers, followed by training for a total of 30 classroom and 139 pre-school teachers with the developed training content.

“An Integrated and Harmonious Understanding”

Making an assessment on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer noted that in this age, teachers are expected to monitor and evaluate the learning and development processes of students with a holistic approach. Özer stated that it is an inevitable fact that process and result-oriented assessment approaches should be used effectively with integrated harmony in this holistic approach and said, "It is important for our teachers to include the child and parents in the educational evaluation and decision-making processes in order to realize every child."

Minister Özer said: “Today, it is among our important responsibilities to effectively monitor and evaluate our children's progress, individual interests and needs, and areas of development and learning. The acceleration that this responsibility will provide to the educational processes will undoubtedly affect our qualified evaluation of our children in different disciplines and areas of development, and ultimately our decision-making processes based on this evaluation.”

Aimed at Systematic Evaluation of Students

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed that teachers develop their skills such as being able to evaluate their students systematically and decide how to organize the teaching-learning environment and teaching approach by making assessment for learning a natural part of their lessons. The study also supports teachers' approaches to systematic observation, using information gathering methods, recording observation data, analyzing and synthesizing the recorded data.

Content Developed with the Participation of Field Experts

At the current stage, the education process continues so that all preschool and classroom teachers can benefit from these trainings. Within this framework, contents were developed with the participation of relevant field experts. The "Evaluation of Development and Learning in Preschool Education Teacher's Guide" and "The Teacher's Guide to the Development and Evaluation of Learning and Development in Primary School" were prepared with the contents in question.

The trainings were made accessible to all preschool and primary school teachers through the Teacher Information Network ÖBA.

Don't Make Comparisons Between Children

Some of the information about systematic observation in the teacher's guide for preschoolers is as follows:

What to Do in Observation

  • Note down information such as date, time, learning environment
  • Focusing only on what is seen and heard
  • Taking notes of students' statements
  • Being sensitive to the moments of development and learning
  • Focus on what the student can do
  • To give separate place to the observed situation and interpretation
  • Observing each student equally

What Not to Do During Observation

  • Insisting on the child to demonstrate a skill in order to get an observation note
  • Expecting all students to demonstrate the same skill at the same time
  • Focusing on the achievement or the targeted skill, not on what the student can do
  • make comparisons between children
  • Adding your own views to the observation note
  • Trying to take notes for all children every day

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