TOGG Started to be Tested in Traffic

TOGG Started to Be Tested in Traffic
TOGG Started to be Tested in Traffic

TOGG started to be tested in traffic. Test drives of TOGG, whose factory will be opened on October 29, 2022, continue. TOGG, which has been subjected to various tests in the challenging geographies of the world, was displayed on the Istanbul-Izmir Highway this time.

Two Cars in Camouflage were tested within the safety measures. "Our user experience tests, which we have done in real road conditions by taking all our safety precautions, continue in line with our plans," it was said regarding the TOGG cars that were put on the road with test plates attached.

Images of TOGG, which uses Osmangazi Bridge, one of Turkey's giant projects, were shared on its social media account. The price for TOGG, which will be on sale shortly, has not been determined. In the statement made by TOGG in the past days, it was stated that statements that do not match the reality regarding price and sales channels should not be respected.


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