KadıköyThey Adopted Stray Animals In

They Adopted Street Animals In Kadikoy
KadıköyThey Adopted Stray Animals In

Kadıköy Municipality, with the project of adopting stray animals, which it started with the slogan "Buy, Adopt". Kadıköy Municipality continues to adopt the animals in the Temporary Animal Care Home.

Animals that are abandoned on the street and cannot easily adapt to the living conditions on the street are taken under protection and care. Kadıköy Animal lovers, who adopted dogs from the Municipality Temporary Animal Care Home, talked about their adoption process and their experiences.

Kadıköy Figen Özkan, who worked voluntarily at the Temporary Animal Care Center of the Municipality and met Lumi after she decided to adopt a dog, expressed her feelings as follows: “We have already established a different communication and connection with Lumi. We wanted to own it and my wife and I decided and bought it. A lot has changed in my life in a positive way.”

Kadıköy One of the best examples of the Municipality's “Purchase, Own” project. Kadıköy Residents of Merdivenköy Neighborhood Seher Apartment exhibited. Celal Başin, Murat Tavşan, İrfan Başaransoy and Sezgin Güldürsün from the apartment residents Kadıköy The municipality adopted the dog named Count from the Temporary Animal Care Home.

Apartment resident İrfan Başaransoy made the following statement: “When I first went to the nursing home, I saw it in the cottage and said hello. He took one look and I said ok if you ask me, our friend is here. I called my friends. We all loved it and he loved us too. From that moment on, we said, 'This is our friend who will live with us in our apartment'.”

Celal Başin, describing the intense interest shown to the Count, said, “Now there is a prejudice that dogs cannot be fed in the garden in high-rise multi-apartment buildings. In fact, it can be fed, and we are one of the rare examples of this. People who buy a house or come as a tenant from the apartment have also adopted the Count because they are animal lovers and they are very happy.” he stated.

Expressing that the Count has a red line, Sezgin Güldürsün said, “I love it very much. In this apartment, I say my red line, no one can approach. I'm sleeping with him. At the slightest sound, I am on the balcony no matter what time it is at night. When I say, 'Calm down, son,' he goes to bed," he said.

Explaining that the Count is good for his health and reintroducing him to nature, Murat Rabbit said, “The first animal I ever owned… I feel like I'm feeding my child while I'm feeding him. We take turns taking a tour, it's a therapy for us, taking a walk with him.” used the phrases.

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