Subaşı Mechanical Multi-Storey Car Park Scalpeled the Traffic Density of the Region

Subasi Mechanic Multi-Storey Car Park Nestered the Traffic Density of the Region
Subaşı Mechanical Multi-Storey Car Park Scalpeled the Traffic Density of the Region

The Subaşı Mechanical Multi-Storey Car Park, which was put into service by the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum, has put a scalpel on the traffic density and parking problem of the region. With the solution of the park problem, both citizens and tradesmen were satisfied with the works of the Metropolitan Municipality, which revealed the historical texture in the region.

Subaşı Square, which is one of the busiest areas of Samsun in terms of both human mobility and traffic, gained a modern appearance with the 'Subaşı Square and Underground Mechanical Parking Lot Project' of the Metropolitan Municipality. With the project, which was officially opened with the ceremony attended by the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum, the parking problem in the region found a permanent solution. The car park, which has the latest technological features in accordance with the requirements of the era, attracts great attention from both the local tradesmen and the citizens. In the mechanical system that will end the traffic chaos around the square, vehicles can be parked and returned within 3 to 5 minutes.


Within the scope of the project, the 2 square meter historical Hamidiye Fountain with 534 basins, which was built by Sultan Abdulhamid II in Subaşı Square with his own money, but could not survive due to various reasons, was reconstructed by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality with the reconstruction work, making use of the photographs in the archive. On the other hand, in addition to the Hamidiye Fountain, the Historical Sa'di Masjid will be kept alive in Subaşı. The construction work of the historical mosque continues at full speed.

'It used to be very complicated'

The new appearance of Subasi Square pleased both the citizens and the tradesmen of the region. One of the citizens, Merve Tunç, who stated that she is more beautiful in her new state, said, “Samsun, of course, notices the beautiful old state and the new state. Subasi Square used to be very confusing, now it has a very beautiful view. Both Subaşı and Saathane were very good, I think our people will be very proud and happy from this.”


Kadriye Türker, on the other hand, thanked the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality for her work and said, “The innovation was very good, we liked it very much. The pavements were very nice. Subasi Square went through a transformation. Now it has become more comfortable for him to walk around and shop here. Our fountain was also very beautiful," he said.


Ahmet Cebeci also stated that Subaşı Square is in a completely different state compared to the previous one and said, “We thank you for everything that has been done. It was made for our people. Six parking lots. We are always grateful for what has been done. "It's not like it won't be liked," he said.


Ahmet Kurt, one of the shopkeepers of Subaşı Square, said that the area was in an idle state in the past and said, “The current project is very good. It was both a solution to Samsun's parking problem and it was used well. It was rescued from an idle state. I liked the parking lot the most. There is no parking lot nearby, so it was very good for our people.”

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