Students in Mersin Enjoy Their Meals With 'Budget Friendly' Neighborhood Cuisine

Students in Mersin Enjoy Their Meal With 'Budget Friendly Neighborhood Cuisine'
Students in Mersin Enjoy Their Meals With 'Budget Friendly' Neighborhood Cuisine

The 'Budget Friendly' Neighborhood Cuisine, which serves in different parts of the city by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, also ensures that the students studying at Mersin and Tarsus Universities are fed in a healthy and cheap price. Students benefiting from the Neighborhood Cuisine, which serves at the entrance of Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus and within Tarsus University, enjoy the pleasure of purchasing a 3-course meal for 3,5 liras.

Yaşar: “We contribute to the food budget of our youth”

Stating that the aim of the application is to contribute to the food budgets of young people, Social Services Department Social Assistance Branch Manager Özlem Yaşar said, “We deliver healthy and cheap food to our students from all over the world and Turkey who come to our city for university education. Our Neighborhood Kitchen serves every day of the week and on Saturdays. Our aim here, as our President has always stated, is to contribute to the budget allocated by our university youth for food and to provide them with easy access to quality and cheap food.”

“The price is affordable even in the cafeteria”

Saying that the prices of the Neighborhood Kitchen are very affordable, Mersin University student Buğra Ak said, “Last year, I was at Antalya Akdeniz University. I didn't get to benefit from such activities there, but there are such things here and it's good for students. The price is even cheaper than the cafeteria. If I buy food twice a day for 3,5 liras, it will be 210 liras a month and this amount is nothing for us. If we eat out, it costs from 30-40 liras a day to 1000 liras a month. Therefore, it is an application that has contributed a lot to us.”

“The food is delicious and not expensive”

Stating that the meals in the Neighborhood Kitchen are not very tasty and expensive, Kazakhstan national student Arujan Tleubaeva said, “It is very suitable for students. Previously, I thought, 'How are they going to give food for 3,5 liras'. But I tasted it, it's delicious. It also includes bread and fruit. Sometimes they also give ayran. We also make use of transportation and laundry. It is very good for us,” he said.

“There is no place to compare”

Another student, Aygün Malcı, who said that she has been using the Neighborhood Kitchen for about 2 years, said, “I like the food, and I come here often because the price is very affordable. There is no place for me to compare. I can compare the most school canteens, even the prices have increased and the portions are not that big,” he said.

“I've been using it since it first opened”

A student named Yusuf Korkmaz, who stated that he has been coming to the Neighborhood Kitchen since the first day it opened, said, “The service is very good for me. I've been coming since it first opened. I like the food very much. It's a budget friendly place," he said.

“We receive healthy and convenient food service”

Another student named Rahime Yaren Atik said, “I am very satisfied with the Neighborhood Cuisine service. It is very convenient compared to many places outside. In the current economic conditions, it contributes a lot to our pocket. We receive healthy and appropriate food service, of course, I am satisfied”.

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