A forever home for dear friends

Spinal Nest for Dear Friends
A forever home for dear friends

With the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Volunteers and SemtPati, our four-legged friends in nursing homes are getting their new homes. Thanks to the “Own Istanbul” project, nearly 100 dogs have been adopted so far.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu With the SemtPati application, which was established under the leadership of businessperson İpek Kıraç and can be downloaded to smartphones, our pawed friends in İBB Stray Animal Temporary Nursing Homes find their forever homes. Thanks to the “Own Istanbul” project, which started with the cooperation of IMM, Istanbul Volunteers and SemtPati, nearly 100 dogs have been adopted so far. SemtPati application has approximately 30 thousand active users. While the majority of users live in Istanbul, there are also those who registered from different provinces.


Those who want to adopt dogs in IMM's nursing homes can apply with the free download SemtPati application. Animal lovers who fill out the application form embrace their animal friends after the evaluation to be made by Istanbul Volunteers and IMM Veterinary Directorate. In the "SemtPati" mobile application, which also provides basic information about animal health and care, each dog's age and gender information and a photograph are also included. While companies affiliated to Koç Group adopted 40 dogs with the SemtPati application, various subsidiaries of IMM became homes for 32 animals in total. Ali Kurt, General Manager of KİPTAŞ, who recently adopted a dog, drew attention to the adoption of stray animals within the scope of October 4 Animal Rights Week.


Istanbul Volunteers monitor the conditions of families who want to adopt a pet with the SemtPati application. Istanbul Volunteers, who check whether the necessary equipment and the place where the animal to be adopted are suitable for the conditions, also give the first training of the dogs. Pınar Satıoğlu, one of the Istanbul Volunteers, said that the most important feature of the “Own Istanbul” project is that the dogs pass the temperament test and receive leash adaptation training. The dogs, which are brought together with the citizens by the IMM dog trainer, are followed up by the Istanbul Volunteers after the adoption.


Cebbar family living in Beylikdüzü adopted Night, who is 3 and a half years old, through SemtPati application 6 months ago. Through SemtPati application, he saw that Gece was in Sarıyer Kısırkaya Stray Animal Temporary Nursing Home and Garden Living Area. Zafer Cebbar, who stated that they embraced Gece within 2 days, said, “We saw the SemtPati application. We downloaded it and saw the Night. We also went to see it in the nursing home and we loved it. They had been vaccinated. We took out the card. He has been with us ever since.” Cebbar said that one eye of Night does not see, “Now of Night does not see, we wanted to be his eye that sees. We have 3 children. We had our 4th child that night," he said.


Yaşar family living in Bağcılar has also been home to Cinnamon for 3 weeks through SemtPati application. Birgül Yaşar said that she overcame her own fear of dogs with Cinnamon, adding that her children Devrim (14) and Rüzgar (10) developed a sense of responsibility. Yaşar said, "I wasn't a big fan of it, but we did it very well," said Yaşar, "We applied through the SemtPati application. When we went to the shelter, Cinnamon prevented us from loving other dogs. Actually, Cinnamon chose us, not Cinnamon. Glad he chose us. After choosing, our transactions were completed within 1 hour. I couldn't even touch the dogs on the street, but everything changed after Cinnamon. Every animal needs a warm home. I recommend it to everyone,” he said.

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