Seydikemer Tourism Will Rise With 'Patara Bridge'

Seydikemer Tourism Will Rise With Patara Bridge
Seydikemer Tourism Will Rise With 'Patara Bridge'

Seydikemer Mayor Yakup Otgöz announced that works will begin as soon as possible on the 50-year-old dream “Patara Bridge” of the region that will connect Seydikemer and Kaş, which includes many diversities such as sea, nature and cultural tourism.

Kamanlı Özak Construction Authorities Mehmet Aksoy and Rüştü Özel, who won the tender for the Patara Bridge to be built on the Eşen Stream between Seydikemer's Kumluova District and Kaş's Ova District, visited Seydikemer Mayor Yakup Otgöz. During the visit, Deputy Mayor Ramazan Kaynak accompanied Mayor Otgöz. During the visit, Mayor Otgöz received information from the authorities about the construction of the Patara Bridge.

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared 2020 as the "Year of Patara", the ancient city of Patara was closed for a while due to the pandemic, but a record was broken in visitor and income. Following this record, the Presidency was informed that the “Patara Bridge” that will connect Muğla and Antalya will be built. The “Patara Bridge” project, which will unite different destinations such as nature, sea and cultural tourism, was carried out by the 13th Regional Directorate of Antalya Highways on Tuesday, August 16. The site was delivered to Kamanlı Özak İnşaat, which won the tender. Patara Bridge is expected to be put into practice 300 days after the tender date.


Noting that the construction works of the bridge will start as soon as possible, Mayor Otgöz stated that the 50-year dream of the region has come true. Chairman Otgöz; “Kamanlı Özak Construction Authorities, who will build the Patara Bridge that will connect Muğla and Antalya, one of the most important tourism centers of our country, visited us. Although Seydikemer is a district of 8 years, we bring many investments to our district. Seydikemer, which is a center of attraction with its natural beauties and sea tourism, as well as its historical and cultural background, will be connected with the district of Kaş, which has a high tourism value, thanks to this bridge. In addition to tourism, citizens engaged in farming in the region will save both time and fuel. I hope the Patara Bridge, which will add movement to our regional tourism and economy, will be beneficial for our country and our district. The Patara Bridge, which will be built on the Eşen Stream between the Kumluova District of Seydikemer and the Ova District of Kaş, will be 110 meters long and 17,5 meters wide.

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